$20 1950-D FRN Kansas City Block JB

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I recently purchased a decent raw Unc example of a $20 1950-D FRN Block JB and was anxious to research other reported examples to determine a realistic value. I knew they were from a short print run of 720,000 so was curious as to how they have performed in "the market", also realizing that $20 FRN's are thinly traded and not at all "hot" so prices were probably not exciting, yet my inner nerd collector senses were tingling. Net results: Frustrated, as I can't find any previous public sales or anything else reliable. PMG shows zero (0) JB notes graded, PCGS shows one (1) JB note and it's also an Unc. Track & Price shows NO Block JB's reported. Can anyone suggest where else I should look, or does anyone know if a private census has information on reported JB examples? Thank you.

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