Has anyone ever seen this 1978 Topps Mexican Superman card (PSA hasn't)?

Acquired this from someone in a large lot of other '77 Topps Mexican releases (FB, Charlie's Angels, 6 Million $ Man, etc.). Sent it in to PSA a few months ago, but they couldn't identify it so couldn't holder it. Anyone have any info?


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    Nobody? Anyone have any leads I could contact?

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    Any suggestions of other forums to try?

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    This seems to very obviously be the 1978 Superman The Movie set, but in Spanish. I haven't found any source showing that it exists yet, however.

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    photo s-l1600.jpg

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    Thanks Dytch, well, you've now found your source. I have 4 cards from the series. I also have a complete set of King Kong Mexican and a complete set of Planet of the Apes Mexican, both of which were new finds according to the person who writes the Non-Sports Card Almanac. Hoping I can convince PSA to get them in their database.

  • Hello!
    I´m from Mexico. Even here these cards are very rare and hard to find. I have a complete set of 77 Superman cards.
    I´m not sure who made them, but it is very possible that "Laboratorios y Agencias Unidas S.A." produced them in the late 70s. They were the ones that released the Star Wars cards in Mexico and I understand that the Planet of the Apes ones too (and maybe King Kong as well). As far as I know, they were the only Topps licensee in Mexico.

    I have never seen a wrapper or a box for the Superman card collection.

    All best.

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    pacosa dos, perhaps?

    i know they did star wars jedi...

    katt scratch fever

  • Nice job posting a picture of my card guys! I am willing to sell if anyone is interested.

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    Emilio was very helpful! I now have the full Topps Mexican Superman checklist, which now allows PSA to grade them. Should have this one back, as well as a full set of Mexican King Kong and full set of Mexican Planet of the Apes back from PSA in the next week or so.

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    Here's the Topps Mexican Superman in it's PSA Holder:

  • Excelent!!! It´s great to see that PSA agreed to grade it

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