Has anyone ever seen this 1978 Topps Mexican Superman card (PSA hasn't)?

Acquired this from someone in a large lot of other '77 Topps Mexican releases (FB, Charlie's Angels, 6 Million $ Man, etc.). Sent it in to PSA a few months ago, but they couldn't identify it so couldn't holder it. Anyone have any info?


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    Nobody? Anyone have any leads I could contact?

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    Any suggestions of other forums to try?

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    This seems to very obviously be the 1978 Superman The Movie set, but in Spanish. I haven't found any source showing that it exists yet, however.

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    photo s-l1600.jpg

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    Thanks Dytch, well, you've now found your source. I have 4 cards from the series. I also have a complete set of King Kong Mexican and a complete set of Planet of the Apes Mexican, both of which were new finds according to the person who writes the Non-Sports Card Almanac. Hoping I can convince PSA to get them in their database.

  • Hello!
    I´m from Mexico. Even here these cards are very rare and hard to find. I have a complete set of 77 Superman cards.
    I´m not sure who made them, but it is very possible that "Laboratorios y Agencias Unidas S.A." produced them in the late 70s. They were the ones that released the Star Wars cards in Mexico and I understand that the Planet of the Apes ones too (and maybe King Kong as well). As far as I know, they were the only Topps licensee in Mexico.

    I have never seen a wrapper or a box for the Superman card collection.

    All best.

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    pacosa dos, perhaps?

    i know they did star wars jedi...

    katt scratch fever

  • Nice job posting a picture of my card guys! I am willing to sell if anyone is interested.

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    Emilio was very helpful! I now have the full Topps Mexican Superman checklist, which now allows PSA to grade them. Should have this one back, as well as a full set of Mexican King Kong and full set of Mexican Planet of the Apes back from PSA in the next week or so.

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    Here's the Topps Mexican Superman in it's PSA Holder:

  • Excelent!!! It´s great to see that PSA agreed to grade it

  • crashing in on this very late as just joined in and registered... love the Mexican cards... I'm based in the UK so finding them is tricky (and pricey getting them sent from North Central and South America)... on the non-sports side I know of the run of them in the later half of the 70s (which was my childhood :)

    Star Wars, Six Million Dollar Man, Planet of the Apes, King Kong, Superman and Charlies Angels 1 & 2 were all covered in Mexico by Topps equivalent I believe. Argentina also did quite a few Topps issues which Spanish (obviously) text - but many more series, including Zorro, Beatles, Mars Attacks etc.

    I mainly collect wrappers myself, and would love to see a Mexican Superman, King Kong or Charlie's Angels series 1 if anyone has one to share. I did keep some photos of a Mexican Planet of the Apes full box at one point and have spent the last 6 hours trying to work out where it might have been backed up to 15 years ago but can't track it down...grrrr.... cheers all, Jon (UK)

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    Jon - Thanks so much for adding to the discussion. Since initially buying these first cards, I've been able to acquire some more since my interest got so piqued. I've been able to get a complete set of each of the Mexican issues, but have never seen the Argentina cards. Would love to see some if you have any scans you could share? Appreciate you contributing!

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