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SOLD Dr Seuss Autograph FS in book 200 obo SOLD

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I purchased this year's ago from a fellow forum member on the BST who was a dealer and very active at the time on the forum with autographs. I can't recall his handle but someone may know or if you are the dealer let me know. I got this for the kid who is now 13 and "not into" DR Seuss any longer so I decided to try and list it here for her. If I recall correctly he put the label into the book since it was by itself. I was thinking of cutting it out and sending to have authentication done but it's to late to get it back before Christmas. In all honesty I know nothing about autographs and since I know nothing about them I will stand behind this 100 percent. If you buy it and dont like it send it back. If you buy it and send it in to be authenticated and it comes back bad I will refund you the purchase price AND the fee's associated with having it checked. I have done plenty of deals on the coin forum and can provide people I have dealt with to vouch that my word is good. If you think I should be concerned selling this send me a message but for what I can tell looking online at certified signatures its good but what does this coin guy know. In all honesty I forget what I paid but I am asking 200.00 or best offer and that price includes shipping.

If you are interested send me a pm.

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