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Worth it to authenticate Trump autograph?

I have a Newsweek (You're Fired) magazine that was autographed by Trump. I purchased it at my local hospital foundation fundraiser. I would like to sell it in the next 30-60 days and I'm wondering if it's value would increase enough to justify a $75 - $100 authentication? If so, who would you recommend?


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    I was told by another member on the autograph forum that they like to buy presidential autographs after they leave office becasue they are cheaper.... I would say authentication is always good, the good news is you can watch this market and see how it does for the next 4 years. That is to say will it heat up or go down. It was signed before he was president so I know it is not worth as much as one signed as a sitting president or so I'm told..

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    I would throw it on ebay with a high enough buy it now that no one would execute it and then get a PSA/DNA quick opinion before I spent any money on shipping it to them and having to pay an authentication fee. That way, if they won't authenticate it, you are only out the quick opinion fee and not the whole authentication fee plus shipping both ways, and if the QO comes back likely genuine than you can receive a credit on your auth fee of the amount of the QO so in reality it's a good way to prescreen your submission

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  • Thanks much for the feedback about the authentication! I like the idea of going the eBay route to get the QO.

    When you are selling an item like this and want top dollar, where do you list it (eBay, a collectors site, locally, etc.) ? I'm assuming the guys and gals on Collectors Universe are too astute and patient to make an impulse buy? ;)

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