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Attempting barber quarter registry set

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Hi everyone as some may know I am pursuing the dream of completing a Everyman's set of Barber quarters. I am trying to get the common dates all in 58 and the tougher coins which is so many in Xf-Au. I do not like the way the bst is setup so I figured I had a better shot here of maybe getting some leads or fellows who may have something of interest to me. I will post a list of what I am currently hunting for but not limited to. Thanks for taking the time to read and happy collecting!!! PS. I am current on all eBay offerings but my exposure is limited outside the internet

Coins I'm searching for now are

1902-S AU 53-58
1903-s Au 53-58
1905- O Xf-40-Au-58

Mark Brown

Hoard the keys


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