What is this S/N ?

Got this last week and am just wondering what type or name of S/N would it be? Radar one end, repeater, flipper? I dunno, someone help me out ;)


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    Technically, it's a binary S/N since it only has 2 different numbers. Being a former programmer, binary to me means 1s and 0s!

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    It's interesting

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  • Definitely a binary. I think to be a true flipper it has to read the same upside down as right side up but any 6/9 combo passes as a flipper on eBay these days.

  • A Binary S/N would only have 1's & 0's in the S/N. A Rotator S/N reads the same way whether you're looking at it straight on or if you rotate it upside down.

  • Ok, so maybe I'm putting too much into this note's thought. But I see a split, Radar/Flipper 6996 - 6699. But in the case of a split, it would have merit as a flipper alone?

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    my binary (1 and 0) note:

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    Very cool !!! :)

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