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FS: 1995/1999 $10 #99998999Ys & #99999929Ys broken up from the BEP Premium Sets &BEP Deluxe $20s

FancycashcomFancycashcom Posts: 462 ✭✭✭
(I am editing this post from its original and slashing prices further.)

#99998999Y is a serial you never get an opportunity to buy. It is literally one digit off the Solid 9s #99999999, which would run you $25,000 easily!

Slashed price for these matching district pairs from the 1995 & 1999 $10 Premium Sets is now $310 Shipped Priority Mail paid via Paypal Personal Payment, or add 3% for Paypal purchase, or deposit into my Bank of America acct or any other non-fee means. Same shipping if you buy more than one pair of notes. You are always free to make an offer if you think my price isn't "right" and reasonable.

I have several other 7-of-a kind 9s sets. The 99999929s are from the first 100 sets issued. I am electing to break it up as well.

Each set has one note from each district.

I am slashing the price of the 99999929s to $110 shipped Priority Mail and paid as listed above. .

All of my 99999199Ys are now sold. They all sold for $200-$250/note, except for the 9th "I" Minneapolis District note which sold for $300.

Just let me know if you have interest. Email to fancycas[email protected] is preferable. PM me if that is too much trouble.

I loaded a pic of each of the notes from the 9th Minneapolis district below. All the notes in all my sets are GEM CU. I loaded pics of all the notes in follow up reply posts to this thread. Scroll down to see them if interested.




Also just added my last two BEP Premium Deluxe 1996 $20 Notes. One is a "Missing Link" note and one is normal for the issue.

The BEP released these Deluxe Single Note 1996 $20s when they released the first BEP Federal Reserve Premium Sets which were also $20s. As I am sure you are aware those rare Premium sets that the BEP isn't assembling and selling any longer, are 12-note Matching Serial District Sets--1 note from each of the 12 FR Banking Districts. Obviously if they had a mistake in the printing of one of the notes from the 12 districts in the serials they were working with for the release, which was only 2000 sets (except for the $50 Premium Sets which were only 500), they had to scrap that particular set. Well instead of letting the notes from the other districts that were ok, they were used in a scant few of these Deluxe Single Note $20s and the a small grouping of the $20 Historical Portfolios.

I had a number of these back in the day and sold them off quite easily for strong money. I kept one "Missing Link" note for myself and one "normal" $20 Deluxe Note. The normal one has since sold. I am slashing the price of the GEM CU Missing Link Note with the serial #AG00001810A to $110 Shipped Priority

As always, is you don't think that price is a steal, you are free to make an offer. You might lose the note while I consider it though. Good luck and steal it if you can!

Shipping Priority Insured for $10. The rest is the same payment terms as above.

Specializing in Low, High, Fancy & Matching Serial US Currency, with a special hoard of BEP Premium Sets & Products. Also modern coin rarities.

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