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Hello guys, long time collector. THis is my first time writing in the forum. I basically collect everything and everything from Panama Born Players. Game used bats jerseys rookie cards PSa, etc. I stopped collecting for 8 years and now im back. !!! everything is the same here except, my Rod Carew Master apparently has dropped to 2nd !! lol... thats ok... i collect Vibert Clarke , Gil Garrido Adolfo Phillips etc. IF he was born in Panama, i have it. lol. I went to the National and saw some posts here regarding the National. Very cool. Amazed how much money was traded. I only got 2 items. lol Dave Parker Pirates MVp Helmet signed for $20 !! and an old CUban Caramelo. .. I only went Saturday to meet MAriano and also Hulk Hogan. His mom was from Panama. So greeting. I always forget my forum password, thats why i could never write !!! lol. Ill see you on Ebay !!!!


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