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PCGS Samples By Year Of Issue, 2015-16 (Updated 1-12-23)

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Samples that defy being pigeon-holed into a generation! The holders/samples that follow just don't fit neatly into the PCGS generations scheme but are still collectible. I've chosen to simply put them into the year of issue as that is the easiest way to find out if you need them or not. Each year will be the heading followed by the holders/samples that fit best in that year. This includes the Asian and European samples. Listing by year facilitates finding them to see if you have vs need them.


There were no new sample styles given out at the Jan. FUN show or the Feb. Long Beach show. Prior YN leftover slabs were given out at LB (per Mike Kittle).

This sample is from the Jan. 30, 2015 Berlin World Money Fair in Berlin. This from the press release: "The PCGS team will be meeting with collectors and dealers and taking coin submissions in Berlin starting on 28 January at the Estrel Convention Center before the show begins there. PCGS then will have two booths at the show, B3 and H79, starting on opening day, 30 January," said Ms. Muriel Eymery, PCGS Vice President of International Business Development.

Hong Kong International Coin Show & Antique Watch Fair (HICC) April 2015.

Crossover appeal on this being both a PCGS sample and a YN treasure hunt prize - from the June 2015 Long Beach show.

RCNA convention in Halifax, NS July 21-26. Features the Generation 13 style slab, thicker plastic and the newer post-Dupont hologram. There were 44 dealers in attendance. Not sure how many of these samples were made. If you know, PM me!

Sample from the Aug. 28-30 HICC show. Contains a 1997 HK $2 piece.

Although not indicated on the slab, these have been offered buy a seller from Hong Kong (Yus18) as coming from the HK HICC show August 28-30, 2015. Seems to fit the period of when these were first being offered.

These 4 treasure hunt samples from the Sept. 2015 Long Beach show were offered by Mike Kittle on eBay - they brought from $88 to $103 dollars each! Unlike prior Treasure Hunt slabs, there is now a grade following the coin number rather than .80 and each serial number is unique.

This was part of the description for each lot. At the September 2015 Long Beach Coin Expo, PCGS introduced a new registry set intended for young numismatists participating in the Treasure Hunt at the Long Beach Show. Upon completion of the Treasure Hunt at the show, young numismatists were given one or more coins in specially labeled Treasure Hunt slabs and were invited to track their collection in the online PCGS Set Registry. A total of six different coins were possible to collect at the September 2015 show, four quarters and two half dollars, and grades from MS62 to MS65 were possible. The young numismatist treasure hunters were encouraged to trade any duplicates they had with others in order to help each other build a more complete set. At future shows, it is possible that other coins will be added to the mix of these Treasure Hunt slabs so that the kids can continue to build their YN Treasure Hunt registry sets. Because of the popularity of the YN Treasure Hunt at the Long Beach Expo and the new set registry which helps the young numismatist collectors build and track their sets of these Treasure Hunt slabs, most of the children participating in the event kept their prizes and they were very difficult to obtain on the secondary market. In fact, I was unable to purchase a single half dollar in the new treasure hunt slabs at the show.

After the Feb. 2016 LB show, Mike was able to offer this Kennedy half on ebay.

Prize given to the winner of the grading competition at the Sept. Long Beach show in 2015. I borrowed this from the seller on ebay as I wasn't about to pay $500 for it! :D

These 2 are from the October 2015 Numismata Berlin show with South Korea 1 and 10 Won coins.

I believe this sample is from the 11-4-15 BICE show in Beijing. At least that's when they started appearing. LMK if you know otherwise. image

This sample is from the Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair December 8-10, 2015. SAR = Special Administrative Region. PCGS had on site grading during the show.

2016 2106 2016 2106 2016 2106 2016 2106 2016 2106 2016 2106

PCGS sample from the February 2016 Long Beach show. PCGS calls this their generation 5 holder (5th style ignoring the label and hologram changes). Transitional style as well with no QRS code on the reverse.


Here are 5 of the YN Treasure Hunt coins from the February 2016 Long Beach show. Reverse recognizes the 30th Anniversary of PCGS. Below is the YN registry - there are a few I still haven't been able to get pictures of. The 1986-D 50c MS65 is one of the tougher coins in the registry.

Here is the PCGS YN Registry composition as of the Feb. 2016 LB show. I have yet to see the Statue of Liberty offered for resale.

Also from the Feb. 2016 Long Beach show, "door prize", "$25" AGE.


Interesting sample from the Feb. 2016 Berlin show, especially the reverse label.


Sample from the April 2016 HICC coin show. Part of a series of samples celebrating PCGS's 30th Anniversary.

Here is the updated YN Registry as of the June 2016 LB show showing the addition of the Shawnee and Cumberland gap quarters.

Interesting sample that appeared in mid-2016, duo holder with WW2 1c and 5c pieces, as shown. 2 appeared on eBay and brought strong prices, the one offered w/o the FS nickel brought $330, the one with FS $435!

Nixon sample from the June 2016 LB show. Grade is .80 so not part of the YN Registry program.


Sample from the July 2016 Ottowa RCNA show. I don't know how many were made or how they were given out. There were about 55 dealers set up at the show.

PCGS and Stansberry have a long term relationship. Samples are made to give the Stansberry personnel when they visit, occasionally a few extra being made available.

In August 2016 forum members started posting this sample that was created in an edition of 500. They came in a blue PCGS box. Mine also came in the mail and it's still unclear if this was a random give away or given to a more targeted audience by PCGS.
The "Bookmark" was given to me in 2013 - don't recall getting it with mine. The reverse had advertising from L&C Coin.

In 2016 PCGS created this medal to celebrate it's 30th Anniversary. It was initially given out to submitters of 25 or more coins for grading. At the Anaheim ANA in August 2016, it was given out to people who answered a short survey and downloaded the PCGS apps onto their phones, which is how I acquired this one.

If you look closely, "Silver" is added to the label. 32 of these were made for the original founding members/dealers of PCGS. Since not all are still alive, this one came available at the 2016 Anaheim ANA. It is noticeably heavier than the non-silver medal in hand. A second was offered on eBay ending 9-17-16 and sold for $560. As of Aug. 2017 I know of 3 in collector hands.

PCGS began operations 2-3-86. These 2 were made for Dave Hall and Van Simmons who together owned 50% of PCGS at the start of operations. Notice the wrong date Feb. 4 on the holder. Since they had to be remade, these became surplus. I'm told that the real deal "samples" with the date 2-3-86 are treasured by both and are unlikely to become available any time soon!

Neat piece offered on ebay 7-29-19 includes a personalized medal for the head of accounting at PCGS (according to the seller). Wonder how many more employee medals there are out there?? It was offered in a large lot that included one of the silver medals given to the founders.


Bison sample from the Hong Kong Coin Show, late August 2016.


Reagan dollar from the Sept. 2016 LB show. I suspect of Nancy was still around, she wouldn't have liked this portrait. image


Another YN giveaway from the 9/16 Long Beach show. Mike Kittle notes that this was given out to the YN's and has no serial number, "sample" or "treasure hunt" designation. There were other state quarters given out that looked no different than other graded quarters as well. Interesting.....

At a party/reception given for dealers by PCGS at the LB show 9-8-16, this medal was given out along with a green bag similar to the Regency bag but size appropriate. No matter how many guests/friends the dealer brought, it was one slab per dealer. One offered on eBay brought $201 in Sept. 2016 - seems cheap??

Another Hong Kong show sample, HKCS 2016 from Dec. 2016, IIRC.

This sample is from Macau - notice the misspelling on the obverse label. Show held in early Dec. 2016. 20 Avos is the equivalent of US 2.5c.
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