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Question about 1984 Fleer Update Set Break

Hi all.

I am starting to go through and organize my collection to liquidate and I have this set I am torn on. I bought a nice Mj Roop binder (back when they were still around) and had four cards graded. The Clemens, Puckett, and Gooden all came back 9s and the Rose a 10. The rest of the set has resides in top loader sheets on the binder.

Should I sell this all together? I know I would probably get more to separate the graded cards but I worry if there's any market for the ungraded broken set.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • DeutscherGeistDeutscherGeist Posts: 2,434 ✭✭✭

    Of course there would be interest in the almost complete 1984 Update set. It is just a matter of price point. If the 4 graded cards sell really well, then letting the rest of the set go for a lower amount would not be so painful. Is the goal just to find a good home for the rest of the set?


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