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Angel Dee's Toned Buffalos

drwstr123drwstr123 Posts: 7,022 ✭✭✭✭✭
I have a buying relationship with Andy and I'm not trying to earn any points.
He has an outstanding complete set of toned Buffalos in his inventory and I enjoyed taking a peek.
If anyone's interested, too, here's a link...
Toned Buffalo Set


  • DIMEMANDIMEMAN Posts: 22,403 ✭✭✭✭✭
    WOW....I have seen those at shows and if I had an extra 900K laying around.....They are beautiful.
  • davewesendavewesen Posts: 5,458 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Originally posted by: DIMEMAN
    WOW....I have seen those at shows and if I had an extra 900K laying around.....They are beautiful.

    ditto, but maybe now I have incentive to make an extra 900K
  • erwindocerwindoc Posts: 4,761 ✭✭✭✭✭
    That set has been on there a while. I wish they would break it up. I could use a few for my collection!
    This set is coming up for sale soon from Legend numismatics auction
  • knightemknightem Posts: 125 ✭✭✭
    Here is the full announcement for those that did not see it...

    August 25, 2016


    Everyone loves to collect something. Most coin dealers are collectors at heart and we love certain coins and series just as much as you do. We just take it to the extreme to do it more for a living than for just a hobby. As most of you probably know, we have been assembling the Angel Dee's Toned Buffalo Set for about 12 years. It started when we saw a number of beautifully toned Buffalo's being offered and just had to have them. We then thought it would be fun to see if we could get the highest graded TONED example for each date to complete a Basic set. We ended up with the Basic set of 64 pieces (which would currently rank #4 on the PCGS Set Registry if registered) and 3 of the varieties: 3 Leg, D/D and D/S. (We opted NOT to go for the all the varieties, as most do not come high grade AND toned and if we did find them, it would have made the set more expensive than it already is.) So we have finally decided to do what all the Buffalo collectors have asked us to do: BREAK UP THE SET so they could buy individual pieces! SO HERE WE GO...

    We are pleased to announce that Legend Rare Coin Auctions will offer the set for sale in their Regency Auction XIX. This set is being broken up and every coin will be sold individually giving collectors the opportunity to bid on some of the most exquisitely toned Buffalo Nickels ever seen. The auction will take place on December 15, 2016 at The Venetian, Las Vegas in conjunction with the PCGS Members Only Show. The set is currently available for viewing online with photos on OUR website (individually AND the entire set) and will be coming soon to the Legend Rare Coin Auction site. For in-person viewing, the set will be available at the Legend Numismatics table beginning with the Long Beach Coin Expo September 7-10, continuing at the Whitman Baltimore Expo, November 3-5, then finally at the PCGS Members Only Show at the Venetian Las Vegas, December 14-15. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • ksuscottksuscott Posts: 264 ✭✭✭

    I've always admired these from afar. Will definitely keep a close eye on this auction. I've seen a few with better toning, but not higher grades. Gorgeous set.

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