Counterfeit 2015-W Proof SIlver Eagles being sold on eBay

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A dealer that runs a big Florida show reported that some guy sold some counterfeit 2015-W proof silver eagles to two different dealers at his show, but then contacted him to help him find the dealers so he could make refunds because after the show he discovered that the PSE's he had bought on eBay were no good. Silver-plated copper with fake boxes and COA's. Here is his latest update on the fake PSE's:

"A little more information on the 2015-W Proof ASE's that are most likely

counterfeits. Talked to a dealer who bought 63 or 64 of these at the

Perry, Georgia show a couple weeks ago. He sent them to Heritage and

they are returning them to him as NG's.

I found one on Ebay (191805382065) and the whole coin looks mushy. The

"Y" in Liberty on the obverse is supposed to be narrow and sharp.

The "Y" on the above lot is wide and mushy.

The good COA's have the "Big S" of Silver, has a silver color.

The above lot has a COA that the "Big S" of Silver, is all Black.

The Eagle of the Reverse of the good ones has very sharp details.

The Eagle on the Reverse of the NG ones has almost no detail.

Skip from ICG is going to be at the Sarasota Coin Show this weekend

and we are going to have one of the questionable ones there for ICG to

look at. More info as we come up with it."

Somebody want to post a link to that eBay coin?

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