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Modern Mint Packaging

I have the following modern mint packaging that would like to swap for anything made of silver, or make me an offer! NO coins, just packaging and the mint certificates

2009 Gold Ultra High Reliefs, OGP (2 units)

2009 Gold Ultra High Reliefs, books shrink wrapped (3 units)

2015 Gold High Relief (10 units)

2007 Silver UNC Z7B (2 units)

2011 Silver American 5 coin set, includes 5 mint capsules (1 unit)

2011 Silver American 5 coin set, no mint capsules (1 unit)

2006 Gold 1/4 ounce UNC Z6C (1 unit)
2006 Gold 1/2 ounce UNC Z6B (2 units)

2006 Gold 4-coin set UNC Z6E (4 units)

2007 Gold 4-coin set UNC Z7E (1 unit)

2007 Gold 1/2 ounce UNC Z7B (3 units)

2006 Platinum 1 ounce T6A (1 unit)

2006 Platinum 4-coin set UNC T6E (1 unit)

2007 Platinum 1/2 ounce PROOF 7T2
2007 Platinum 1/4 Ounce UNC T7B (3 units)

First Spouse x02 (3 units)

First Spouse x06 (4 units)

First Spouse x23 (1 unit)

I can ship any of this or deliver it at the next Long Beach Show.

==Looking for pre WW2 Commems in PCGS Rattler holders, 1851-O Three Cent Silvers in all grades

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