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WTB or trade for my silver: South Africa Rands

mbogomanmbogoman Posts: 5,122 ✭✭✭✭✭
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I'm visiting South Africa again in a few months and would like to have some currency in hand. If anyone has any surplus Rands (newer notes only) that you would like to get rid of without having to suffer the outrageous commission that Amex, Thomas Cook or Travelex will hit you with, PM me and let's see if we can work something out.

PM me if interested.

PCGS BST references:

(nederveit, dragon, bushmaster8, dantheman984, BrownBackFive, Hyperion, al410, SeaEagleCoins, mustanggt, segoja, DRG, Res, adriana, camera28, tydye, RGJohn, Inditonka, doh, fivecents, Griv, scrapman, drewsef, ModernCoinMart, wondercoin, ajbauman, Raufus, vet, pruebas, CoinFame, TorinoCobra71, MsMorrisine, Swampboy, Mar327, Akbeez, pwrful4, papabear, superpsychmd, shrub68, timrutnat, barrytrot, BostonCoins, Bothuwui, VanHalen, coindeuce, greghansen, rons, 410a, coolest, Timbuk3, tizofthe, CyStater, SpfdMoBuyer, Coupedescrounge, agentjim007, Gerard, duffman456, slothman2000, Type2, thecoinlook, mtcbh1, dmarks, wheathoarder, MACGE1, commoncents05, OriginalDan)



Asesabi Lutho


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