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Hello from Woodstock IL

Hi Im the new guy here I've been collecting stamps for about a year, I am collecting Ausi, U.S ,Canada ,topicalsand world wide. Hope to learn more about this wonderful hobbie. Bulldog 54


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    Welcome to the forum. It has been pretty inactive in the stamps area, but vibrant over in coins and currency.

    Sports cards as a hobby was seriously hurt years ago from the card manufacturers' rush to overproduce series, limited, editions, etc. When I was a kid a baseball card collector had a single year's series of Topps cards. Today there are dozens of brands and each caries silver and gold foil limited editions, cards with autographs, slices of baseball bat wood--you name it.

    With stamps in the U.S., the move to increase the number of issues took its toll. Completing a year's series became too damned expensive for too many, especially plate block collectors. Additionally, the shift from gummed stamps to adhesives (which are much harder to separate and store in books) took a toll on the hobby. That said, this created opportunities for new collectors to purchase at some pretty good prices. What U.S. have you started to collect?
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