1968 Topps Game cards wanted

I am looking for 1968 Topps Game cards preferably PSA 7 r higher. Let me know what you have


  • I just sold my raw set and have an extra raw Kaline and Wynn in very nice condition.

    BST References:

    DanBessette, lwehlers, Lee17, 07diedrt
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    I have an aaron 7 (below); send me an offer and a Clemente 5 at auction right now


    I fill want lists; PM me. I'm not ignoring you if I don't get back to you right away but I will respond generally within a day.

    {Let's do it off eBay and both save some $$$ }

  • look at my set. not graded but nice

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    Looking for PSa 8 or higher

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    I have a beautiful raw set that I picked up 7-8 years ago for around $100. I'm pretty sure it's about time to get these graded out. I would expect to see 7s thru 9s on these. The edges are crisp and the stock bright white. I've always piggy backed some forum graders for submissions, but am gonna look at what it would cost to grade the set.

    To be honest, no direction, but...
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    Ignore - after looking at some other Topps Game graded cards, I realize mine have no chance at getting an 8...


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