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Is there any real market for stamps?

I have a lot of stamps and duck stamps that cost a lot 25 years ago and would not mind selling them but is there any real market?
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    The market is not what it once was. You could contact a stamp auction house-

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  • If someone paid over $250 per item in the past, or long past, from a reputable auction house, it will do very well in current market - which is very strong on the best things.

    If not, and from your mention of Duck stamps, a notoriously manipulated market, I suspect you won't be particularly happy with results. I suggest you give the material to an ebay seller on consignment, or one of the several brick and mortar auction houses to dispose of if you think the total value is over $5,000 to $10,000. The value is not likely to increase on such things in the future.

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    Gone S a long time agoimage

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