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Trade: Football HOF Autographs with Pitt State Gorilla

I am trying to contact Pitt State Gorilla.

I would like to help you with your football HOF set. I have a few upgrades that will improve your set and would like to make a trade that would be in your favor.
I also have a contact person that can help fill your tough HOF autos!

Please contact me...or, if anyone knows him, please let him know that I am trying to contact him.

Thank you very much
:) Wanted:
Topps "60th Anniversary" stamped buybacks of any 1978 Topps football cards
1987 Topps "Rediscover Topps" Baseball Buybacks - RED and BLUE stamps
1978-1983 Topps Baseball - any type of stamped buyback cards
Topps Non-Sport "American Pie" & "75th Anniversary" buyback cards
2007 Goudey Diamond Stars & Double Plays
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