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Help on Stamps for a coin guy

YorkshiremanYorkshireman Posts: 4,484 ✭✭✭✭✭
My dad and I collected stamps together when I was young, but I lost interest in high school. (I am now 53.)
When he died several years ago, I worked to inventory the coins and rekinkled my interest. That passion for stamps never returned.
I have a little of everthing: US and International, as far back as singles from the 1890's, blocks from the 1930's-1950's to mint sheets from the 1970's.

I was burned once by a local coin dealer as I was learning. He tried a second time, but thankfully he got caught.

I bring that up to say I am concerned on whom to trust when it comes to stamps.

My goal is to sell the whole collection in one transaction, at a fair price. By that I mean fair to me and the buyer The proceeds will go to buy coins.

Any suggestions or advice? I do not want to fool with Ebay. Since I think Heritage is no longer in the stamp business, I have thought about talking to Mystic.
Anybody here in the southeastern US who might be willing to meet? Feel free to PM me.

Any and all advice would be appreciated!
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  • zep33zep33 Posts: 6,897 ✭✭✭
    post some pics of the earliest US stuff you have.

    Unfortunately, mint blocks and most stamps from 1935 on up are extremely common and rarely worth anything more than face value and when sold in bulk, sell for much less than face value.

    Ebay probably would be your best option with what you describe as an auction house wouldn't be interested.

    Can't say much more for sure without seeing some pics so take some of your oldest stuff (pre 1920) and we can go from there.

    If you go to Ebay though, you really need to photo everything to get the most out of it. I've picked up many great lots (including one amazing album that arrived today) from lazy, unknowledgeable sellers that only take a few pics and do no homework on what they actually have.
  • Collecting over 40 years.

    I'd go with Mystic. Parceling out the material via eBay and such would involve too much cost and time. But get yourself educated. Get a Scott Specialized U.S. catalog, local library, and look up those earlier issues.

    You will get the best price with speed in Mystic.

  • If you do not know what you are doing with stamps, and do not know value, and do not wish to learn, give the collection to an auction house. Auction defines fair market value.

    Go to one of the major houses and ask them what it will bring at auction. Do not sell outright until you hear from at least two major auction companies what it will bring. Pick the house you are most comfortable with. Like with coins, there are auction houses for the full range from top rarities to garbage.

    Harmer Schau is my favorite for dealing with modernish plain vanilla stuff. Siegel for best US material.

    Good luck
    Richard Frajola
  • LochNESSLochNESS Posts: 4,829 ✭✭✭
    This is a good thread. Until now I hadn't heard of any of those auction firms. Where do they advertise? Stamp conventions?

    Didn't realize Heritage had gotten out of the stamp trade. I'm surprised. They sell everything else.
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