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GOLF CARD - What is it??

I have a Walter Hagen card here that is obviously mis-categorized and labeled by PSA.
If you know the 1927 W560 set this card is not in it. Although the set is mainly baseball, it does have
other stars from the day in it. Go to the Set Registry and look at the W560 and there is no Walter Hagen.

So, what is this card?

I am doing some detective work but I cant find out much or any Walter Hagen checklists outside of PSA.
It can not be a 1927 card if only for the fact that the card says Hagen won the British Open in 1929.



I cant see how to attach an image but this is a strip type card that looks like a playing card, specifically the 2 of Clubs, similar to the W560 set.
A picture circle center card in red with a portrait of Hagen.


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