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2011-12 SP Authentic #27 Kawhi Leonard

A quick check on Beckett's site for Kawhi Leonard's RC produces 25 cards in the 2012-13 season.
link to beckett

But the 2011-12 SP Authentic #27 Kawhi Leonard would seem to be his best RC.
I have seen someone list it on e-Bay as his XRC, because 2011-2012 was a strike year.

If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate them.


  • The same goes for Kyrie Irving. What is his recommended non auto rc card? There were not many sets released in 2011 because of the strike. I think 2012 Prizm is considered a pretty good set. The Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard cards seem to be the ones everyone is getting graded. Should the Leonard and Irving from that set also be considered RC cards?
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