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    Tag, you're it. It's like the game.

    In the case of the coins, someone puts together a box of coins they are willing to trade off. They set up parameters (TPGs accepted, time box is held accepted, how to value potential coin trades, etc) then they set up who is interested.
    Box gets sent out to 1st person. They look and see what interests them and what they are willing to part with that the other party may be interested in. Values are assigned (or, sometimes, coins are purchased).

    Box then goes to next person. Rinse, repeat. This goes until the originator wants it back, or when there are no more interested parties.

    At the end of it, the originator has (hopefully) gotten rid of all the coins he wanted to get rid of and gotten a bunch of new ones he is interested in.

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    I have been fortunate to participate in many tags here. I have really enjoyed the experience. It has always amazed me that the originator of the tag has the confidence to send the box out, but If all goes according to plan, 12-35 people all put coins of slightly greater value in than are taken out. Everyone wins. The originator can set any parameters. he wants- PCGS coins get full PCGS price guide value, NGC 90% ANACS 75%, "no pennies" etc.
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    I had the pleasure of participating in a US themed tag last year (liteside). It was exactly as described above, and lots of fun. The anticipation of receiving the box alone made participating worthwhile. I have planned to do my own darkside tag ever since, but haven't had enough of the right material. I'm getting very close to that point. It would be helpful to know that I'm not the only darksider interested in a tag, though ... if you'd like to see a darkside tag then please comment or PM.
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