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Set Rating Meaning

Hi All - - I am a long time collector, but rather new to the PSA Set Registry.

Can someone add some definition to how the Set Rating is calculated? I fully understand the Weighted GPA with different weights assigned to star and other more valuable cards,
but am not clear on Set Rating. If there is a good definition (or better yet an example) that I overlooked on the PSA website, please let me know.




  • taul166taul166 Posts: 45 ✭✭
    Hi Again - -

    I think I figured it out....the Set Rating is calculated by factoring in the percentage of set completion with the weighted GPA..

    If anyone wants to add to this or clarify, please feel free to do so.

    Thanks again.

  • cards651cards651 Posts: 665 ✭✭
    You got it. I always view it as the Weighted GPA gives you a measure of the 'quality'. A weighted GPA of 10 with 50% completion tells you it's a top quality set but a long ways to completion. As you note, the Set Rating gives you zero for any missing cards and in theory allows for a comparison to other sets. Between grading and the Set Registry, it's a pretty ingenious set-up to allow comparisons with collectors across the country. Enjoy. - Kevin
  • ashabbyashabby Posts: 471
    I asked this question a few months ago. The answer I received back was it had to do with the spread of what cards cost in smr. If a big swing then that card gets a 10 in set. Other wise each card is a 1.
  • cards651cards651 Posts: 665 ✭✭
    Yes. Makes some sense with emphasis on 'some'. The problem is that the SMR prices are not based on actual sales but on someone's price estimate. They even have SMR prices for cards that don't exist -- meaning there are no PSA 9's for a specific card for example yet SMR somehow provides a 'price'.

    The other issue with the weighting is that it varies tremendously from set to set. The spread on the 1969 Topps baseball (and most large baseball sets I assume) is pretty flat with probably 600+ cards given a weight of 1. Compare that to some small hockey sets, for example where the weighting is all over the board. In the big scheme of things this may be minor but it does bug me as I move between the sets that I collect. I always feel that there are one or two collectors that are doing the actual weighting and not PSA.
  • ashabbyashabby Posts: 471
    I am agree...sometimes hard to figure out the logic of some of the sets
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