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Collectors Corner/Set Registry Marketplace Update

Hi Everyone,

We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve received on the new Collectors Corner/Set Registry marketplace. We now have 46 PSA Set Registry members listing cards for sale and we are pleased to see the numbers growing everyday.

We have rolled out the following updates, which were all suggestions you gave us:

1) The seller’s street address is no longer viewable on the Collectors Corner public site.
2) The seller can add a second address that can be used for returns.
3) The seller can opt in to display Population and Pop Higher statistics as well as show links to the various Registry sets the card can fill.

Should you have any other suggestions, please let us know. We are listening. Thank you!
BJ Searls
Set Registry & Special Projects Director
PCGS (coins) www.pcgs.com
PSA (cards & tickets) www.psacard.com
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