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If you collect golf cards - opinions wanted

I am thinking of undertaking an e-book project to maybe discuss some of the more popular sets and their checklists, and also maybe some chapters about such things as rare cards, most valuable cards, grading differences between the UK and USA, most important golf cards in the hobby, some hobby rarities, etc

I have been considering this for some time as the The Smedley and Berdock guides are becoming quite dated and honestly they are the ONLY thing out there, good as they are, they are becoming pretty old.

Also would have an area about some of the newer issues that are all post Smedley Berdock

Honestly I have no idea the size or scope of this, or if I am even going to get it going..right now it is just the idea stage.

If anyone has any thoughts, material they might like to see, or even help they might want to give, please post here and or shoot me a PM

Thanks for any and all input.

Dave Johnson- Big Red Country-Nebraska
Collector of Vintage Golf cards! Let me know what you might have.
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