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Stamps for sale, collector quality sheets for 90% of face value

I have loads of unused stamps that I'd like to sell. Almost all are pristine and unbent/unhinged full sheets of .29 or .32 cent stamps. Cool for a collector, or just use them for postage if you'd like.
Will sell for 90% of face value, and will ship free if you are ok with me folding them up to put in a regular envelope, but you have to buy at least $25 worth please.
Will also ship as full sheets if you help with extra postage costs.
Have lots of different designs, will make a deal on all of them for 85% of face value, with free unbent shipping!.....probably have about $450 worth or so total.

The full sheets with quantities are below. The Price to the right is the face value of each full sheet, so take 90% of that number
32c stamp full sheets, all are 99%+ collector quality:
2x Raoul Wallenberg, $6.40
2x Thornton Wilder, $6.40
2x Rural free delivery commem, $6.40
3x Antique autos, $8.00
4x Carousel horses, $6.40
3x Louis Armstrong, $6.40
3x Womens Suffrage / 19th Amendment, $12.80
5x World of Dinosaurs, $4.80
1x Iowa, $16.00
5x Civil War, $6.40

29c stamp sheets, all are 99%+ collector quality:
5x Desert Storm/Desert Shield Commem, $14.50
3x Basketball Centennial 1991, $14.50
4x Olympics, $11.60
4x Washington DC Bicentennial, $14.50

Plus a decent handful of partial sheets if you want them....

[email=mailto:http://www.flickr.com/photos/23924600@N07/8598398453/]29 32 postage[/email] by [email=mailto:http://www.flickr.com/people/23924600@N07/]jhf1621[/email], on Flickr
Almost Over 100 successful deals on this forum spanning well over 10 years now, feel free to ask for references!
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