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Steve Yzerman - Legit?

I have seen many Yzerman autos, but am far from an expert. The form looks good, but I don't think I could tell a real signature from an autopen, stamp, or any other type of fake. What do you think about its legitimacy and why?



  • That is not hand signed from these scans.
    Ink deposit, spotty and yet even at stroke starts and also even fadeouts, indicates stamp or other - no crossovers of strokes I can see.
    The last turn to the right in the first "S" - where direction changes and there appear two strokes - indicates a contrived signature.
    The dots at the trail-off of the first name...
    The way strokes return from breaks is suspect.
    It is perhaps doubtful the "19" would be placed there by choice.


  • Unfortunately, it does look like a stamp to me.

    I bought it from this seller a few months ago. Looks like he has another card with an identical stamp for sale here:

    Fake Yzerman Auto


  • 100% stamp, of course.
    The link you have shows the same source stamp.
    Seller claims this is an autograph...change sellers.

    Best wishes,
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