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WWII and before Stamp albums

I recently inherited 2 old stamp albums that my dad got from a bombed out post office in Germany during the war. They are divided into German towns or provinces. How would I go about determining the value and then selling them?


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    It depends on how much work you want to do:
    A lot of work: Check with your local library and see if they have a Scott catalogue for Germany. Then look up the values yourself.
    Not so much work: Go to the American Philatelic Society (APS) web site - stamps.org - and see if there is a stamp club in your area. Stamp club members are always available to assist with valuations. On the same site, check for any stamp shows in your area. Most dealers at shows are willing to make offers on collections. Remember that dealers are going to offer wholesale prices but it will give you an idea if the collection is worth anything.
    Could be work on your part: Search the internet for German specialty organizations. They may want scans of the stamps to offer opinions.
    Place some pictures on this site and see if anyone responds about value.
    Not really recommended: Place an add in your local paper or on craig's list. Be prepared for a lot of off the wall stuff from responders.

    Rolin Lewis
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    Thanks for your advice. I'll get pictures done this weekend.
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    originalisbestoriginalisbest Posts: 5,914 ✭✭✭✭
    Good advice from Rolin. For something that seems very specialized to Germany, I would search the internet for German-specialized philatelic societies. Once you get pictures/scans done, asking them for advice on value/interest may be the most informed response you can get. Good luck!
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