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Since so many have asked about OPC Baseball Selling

My plan is as follows:

Beginning March 9th...........Auctioning 1965-1993 OPC Baseball year set Mostly 10's, but some 9's
Beginning March 16th.........Auctioning 1965-1985 OPC Baseball Unopened packs Many Rare 10's and some 9's
-----------------------The pack auctions will also feature my mini-hoard of Better HOF'ers on Top or bottom

Thanks to all that asked and look forward to seeing how well everyone does! GOOD LUCK to all and thanks for all the nice comments!



  • link please im interested
  • Hey all....I guess I should have said they are going up on FEEbaY.

    I have had numerous offers to buy almost all these and I think it is the only
    fair way for everyone to have a fair shot. I wish everyone the best of luck.

    Still working out how I will do the 1969 OPC and 1971 OPC Baseball sets.
    Probably going to do 30-50 card lots with card #'s 1-40 then 41-80 etc etc.
    When I do more than that I get a little overwhelmed trying to keep it all
    straight as I am basically a one-person operation.

    There are some great cards coming up you won't want to miss!

    My ebay ID is " JOEAD97DP "

    In fact, you can look up my completed auctions and see this past weekend all
    the 1965 OPC Detroit Tiger cards sold and there were some big numbers paid.
    I thank all those that participated and especially for the spirited bidding!

  • I wish I knew about the Tigers before they ended.
  • I don't know how to do a link to my auctions, but as I said in an earlier post,
    look under my ebay ID " joead97dp"

    You'll see this week I have up my PSA 9/10 single set 1965-1993

    Next week, the packs are going up 1965-1985 PSA 10/9's


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