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The Game of Trade

So i thought of an idea for a game well it is very similar to Lord M's paperclip game but slightly different i will be trading up just like he was but their are prizes for three of the parties involved the person who makes the biggest trade up will receive a lot of silver Kennedy's halfs for free. The person who makes the final trade will receive a special bonus prize which i have to think of and one persons name will be picked at random to receive half of the profits from the coin that i have at the end of the year as i will sell it or just give you money of half of its worth. We will be starting with 2 Silver canadian quarters a 1943 and 1944 both are silver. Their are a few rules please ship all packages with tracking same will be done for you prizes will be give out at the very end of the year so you will have to weight a while and it will give everybody a chance to get involved. I will upload images of the 2 coins and please pm me with any questions you have. Let the game begin!!!
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  • no interest ??
    Successful Sales on this forum to:erickso1
  • I'll look in every now and then. The other paperclip swaps were very random postings.
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    << <i>no interest ?? >>

    A bit confusing. At least there is no mandate to sign up image
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    << <i>no interest ?? >>

    Canadian quarters aren't my thing, but I am definitely interested. I have plenty of things to swap (like Canadian quarters). By the way, some friendly advice: post photos of the items. Lord M's paperclip has/had its issues, yes, but it had wonderful photos. Show us those beautiful silvery quarters so we can begin drooling over them! image

    And welcome to the forum, Mr. 45 posts count! Thanks for starting a swap so early into your tenure. I'm sure the karma will come back to you on a BST at some point.
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