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.22 cent duck stamp found today.

Was going through some old papers today. Lo and behold found 9 stamps still together on the perforation. Duck Stamp 22 cents, each stamp has a large picture of a different breed.image


  • congrats, tell us more
    I edit almost all my posts because my auto correct is crazy !
  • The Duck Decoy stamp was issued in 1985 in Shelburne, VT. And designed by Stevan Dohanos. They were issued in panes of fifty. Prints of four ducks: Broadbill carved by Ben Holmes in 1890, the Mallard carved by Percy Grant in 1900, the Canvasback carved by Bob McGraw in 1929 and the Redhead craved by Keyes Chadwick of Martha's Vineyard in 1925. The original carved ducks are in east coast museums.

    I must have purchased these in 1985, they are in mint condition.image
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    Well, if you put two of them on a letter, then add a five cent stamp to it, the postal service will deliver it for you!
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