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Non-sports registry question

I was recently checking out the non-sports registries and happened upon the "famous personage" sets...how would someone go about determining all the cards available for an individual person? If there is someone you are interested in pursuing would PSA do the research...with all the inserts in the modern sets this must be a challenge.

A couple people I have in mind I am sure only have a handful of cards, but I wouldn't know where to begin.

Thanks for any guidance.


  • CNoteCNote Posts: 2,070
    I believe when a new set is established, after you have your 5 or so and request it from the registry to be listed, they research all of the cards they have graded for that person (or for a sport set, that player) and build the registry from there. They don't research all cards produced, just what they have handled. It is up to you to find new cards, grade 'em, and then request they be added.
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