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Registry For All-Time Boston Red Sox?

I am new to the boards and was wondering if there is a link to a Boston Red Sox,Bruins, and Celtics All-Time player list? Thank you for your time friends.


  • cards651cards651 Posts: 665 ✭✭
    Here's the All-Time Celtics. Didn't have the stomach to go any further. Collecting '57 Topps with '89 Fleer just seems plain wrong but I guess the collecting tent is big enough for all types. Good luck.

    All-Time Celtics
  • cards651cards651 Posts: 665 ✭✭
    Just noticed Maxwell has his number retired but couldn't make the PSA All-Time Celtics. Yikes. A few others for consideration - Nate Archibald, Paul Silas, Chris Ford, Hank Finkel, Eric Fernsten....

    Under All-Time Celtic Malcontents - Curtis Rowe, Sidney Wicks, Marvin Barnes

    All-Time Celtics-As-Their-Careers-Wound-Down - Pete Maravich, Bob McAdoo (although resurrected somewhat), Artis Gilmore
  • Thank you friend for your time and insight.......I know it will be a grand undertaking but should be funimage
  • jay0791jay0791 Posts: 3,471 ✭✭✭✭
    All time red sox.
    Here is the bes set that is retired....Spence

    All time Red Sox team

    All time Celtics set
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