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looking for trusted dealers

iam a coin and note collector, but iam in need of some confederated stamps. but need to find some trusted dealers to buy from.
there are just to many reprints and counterfets, and i know nothing .
any recormadaion

ty john

Loe-steelielee-bought 690. sale
nate-grandrapidian-bought 70. sale
Paul-commoncents-3500+ sales
Ken-jfoot-sold-125.00 sale
Mike-mozeppa-bought 1080. sale
Dave-Badger-sale 560.00
Lochness-sale 1,000. 00


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    originalisbestoriginalisbest Posts: 5,918 ✭✭✭✭
    Heya jnd1955, I assume you mean US stamps from the Confederacy circa 1860-1865? There should be some reputable dealers, and auction houses that can assist you.

    With stamps, as with coins/cards/you name it, there are issues that are subject to altering/tampering/outright fakery.

    Regardless of a dealer in question, you might do well to consider only stamps that have been expertized (certified) by PSE, or PF. You can search on eBay for such stamps (by and large, avoid stamps on eBay that aren't certified until you are more comfortable with your knowledge base.)

    I like brucemacdonaldstamps.com,

    and seller "shopesiw" on ebay.

    -- either of these guys would be good to ping with questions, as a start. I wish you luck!
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