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No "diecuts" question

I bought five of the Jenny invert sheets and think they're pretty neat. I made the mistake of looking them up on eBay (I say mistake because I seem to be getting slammed back to my stamp collecting days, which I really did enjoy) and discovered this new facet of the hobby with the imperforated stuff. Now, at my age I certainly don't need to start a new hobby. But I'm a bit intrigued by the prospect of getting in on the ground floor of something. So I have some questions that I hope I may get some answers to here.

How far back does this go? Is there a site available on the web to explain what these are all about? What research I've done show me that it's mostly 2013 stuff and maybe a couple in 2012. And the Post Office doesn't make them for everything.

Is there some sort of criteria that the P O uses for determining which stamps are issued in "Without die cuts" form?

How do most people so far collect these things? Full pane? Single? Vertical pair? Horizontal pair? Block of four? I'm seeing all kinds of stuff in eBay auctions.

I think this could be a pretty neat hobby because its a "no loose" type situation. You will always be able to use the things as postage. No loss involved if you just buy directly from the USPS site.

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