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1996 Topps Baseball - Official Thread

Yes, I laughed when I wrote "official thread" for a 1996 set, but it had to start eventually right?
I’ve been at this PSA stuff for about a month now and I was looking at what set to start and finish at PSA 10. It had to be doable on my budget and in a timely manner. A month ago I seriously thought I could rock out one of my 76-86 sets. I was big into cards from 1976 through the 1980’s but I found the cards I have that I thought were NM-M sitting in those boxes and photo albums that I moved around the world with me in the military for the last three decades are not even close to 10’s. You guys also have some rockin’ sets in the 76-86 time frame and are very knowable on them already…and I don’t think I have anything to offer the hobby there so I figured I’d explore a lesser set and build my knowledge base on a somewhat ignored section. A big plus is it’s going to be a Hell of a lot cheaper and still a lot of fun. I settled on the 96’ set since it’s the birth year of my youngest and since he has one more year at home he may want to sort through some cards with the old man. (He does love that the set is currently number one) I have set a goal of finishing the set 100% by the time he graduates High School. Fun times and some bonding I hope.
I didn’t get to collect this set in 96’ as collecting when my son’s were young and we were living overseas made it difficult…so my knowledge base on 1996 collecting is currently limited so I am wanting to pick brains on a few things.
#1 Team Topps cards and the regular issue what is the difference...they have the same number but different lines on the POP? (Some sort of gold foil is my guess)
#2 Same question on the #96 Cal Ripken Jr., (Regular and Tribute).
#3 Lastly the #68 Bernie Williams card: On the POP report it has two #68’s one with a POP of one and the other with 14…is this some obscure error or just another Team Card?
I have only open my factory sealed set and one set that someone sold me on e-bay as complete in the factory box. (devoid of Jeter, Bonds and Puckett cards among a few others). I have found about 40-50% of the cards to be way off center (Not 1975 off center, but noticeable).so beware of a possible quality control issue there. I will be interested in reasonably price cards from this set that I don’t have, (Joe's 96' Topps Baseball). I want to finish it in 10’s but I will be adding place holders to get to 100% by May.
Thanks for reading and happy collecting.


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    Good luck with your quest. Keep us updated.
    Collecting 1970 Topps baseball
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    I can still remember my first packs from this year. Thought it was such an upgrade to the previous sets form the early 90s.
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    well, good luck chief. I hope the bonding time with your son works out well along the way!
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    I don't have much to contribute about the set but your best bet is probably to start with 4SC and grab what they have. I took a quick look and it seems like most of their PSA 10s are in the $5-8 range. At that price it's almost impossible to do better by submitting on your own (which I'm sure you'll have to do plenty of throughout your journey). I wish you the best and hope there's a ton of bonding time with your son.

  • Thanks, I have gone to 4SC and hit ebay...once I get the last bit from 4SC I should be 25% complete. The set I opened this weekend was clean and had the Jeter 3 card strip in it (Rare from what I understand). Also the Mantle was a Last Day Printing and sweet enough to grade. I'd say I have about 50% of the set in what I consider good enough to grade.

    FYI, I found the All-Star cards be very tough to find centered...more so then the regular cards. I am sure this will not be an issue with this set since the huge amount of product out there but I think eventually finding these graded 10's might be more difficult then the regular cards. Of three sets I broke to find gradeable cards I found only one All-Star worth submitting.
  • Ok so I ripped the 1996 series 1 box. Centering was about the same % (or close to) the sets I opened. Biggest problem with ripping a 1996 box is the sticking. I lost several great cards due to the ripping off of the color from the faces of the cards. I did find that if you rip it like a band aid your screwed...so take them apart gently and you can save a good percentage of them. The Mantle set is nice and I got 5 out of that box with one of the mystery cards (a Larry Walker). All the Mantles were nice save one that got the color ripped off of it. I will scan and post the Big Mac I got that has the name printed out to the edge (I received 6 of these printing flawed jems)...I'm thinking the guy who set that one was drunk. It is good to know that even after 50 years Topps Quality Control is about the same.
  • You know, I was going to post yesterday (and never got to it) about the sticking issue with 1996 Topps. I opened a vending box of this stuff (can't remember which series) back in about 2000 and it was just a solid brick of cards. It was awful. Makes one think that this might be a grade sensitive set IF it ever gains popularity over the years.
  • My series two box was a huge disappointment. Not one Mantle (or any other insert...compared to the many from the series I box) and 80-90% of the cards are unsubmitable due to the sticking...only cards that were good were a hand full of top and bottom cards and and the rare one from the middle that didn't have noticable sticking...then there was a creasing issue with many (maybe when the pack was sealed). The box of 81's I just opened was better and I might stick to breaking pre-1991 Topps in the future (dealing with gum and wax stains seems like a dream compared to pulling apart "bricks" of cards). I'm am submitting about 200 cards from the set this month so I will let you know how it goes. Still owe you all a scan of my off set print/sticky gloss McGwire.
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    Yes the Team Topps have a big gold foil stamp that says Team Topps. There are also the dvision and champions from both leagues
    that have a tasteful emblem on the cards..
    Collector Focus

  • Thanks for the info on the Team Topps cards...how did they come? In the sets, Boxes? I've yet to find one...though I did see one for sale on E-Bay but lost the auction.
  • jackstrawjackstraw Posts: 3,750 ✭✭✭
    They came in a clam shell as a team set sold a walmart..
    Collector Focus

  • Thanks a ton...
  • Well the set is coming along http://www.psacard.com/PSASetRegistry/Composite.aspx?c=6099 (22% @ 9.97) but I am really not enjoying the long wait for cards to be graded. Sent them in 30 September, they were checked in 10/15/2013, so I suspect they will be done soon. I have found 4 Sharp Corners to be very responsive and perhaps they get their cards done in some expedited manner because it seems that once a week or so a star card I need pops up on their site at an insane price (and I pay it…normally). Exception being the Henderson (Sorry that is not a $30 card)…I need him and Blyleven to finish the 96 Topps HoFers and have plenty raw cards to pick from but it does seem like ages for the grading process. So if anyone has them, I’d buy them (Reasonable please). I’d like these in 10…I’ve decided to slip the non-HOFers and add 9’s until I’ve completed the set. The set is interesting since I look up the common players as well to see what has happened to them and am adding some comments along with photos of all the cards. Cards sticking together and ruining the gloss is a problem as well as yellowing (I think that set came from a smokers home) but centering is the biggest issue with the set that I’ve found with the Future Stars being particularly difficult.
  • 35% Complete...I should have the rest shipped out for grading this month.
  • StingrayStingray Posts: 8,843 ✭✭✭

    That sounds like some serious coin to get the rest graded??
  • Currently 9.761 with (11) 8’s and (15) 9’s from the ones I submitted (save for the Eck…I bought). I talked about the pealing of the color from the front of the cards earlier in this thread and I think that is the biggest detractor. All cards are centered and have sharp corners so it is the only thing I can think of…though I will be sure to recheck the ones I am shipping to complete the set. I do have some nice PSA 10 1/1’s (for now)…that made me happy. These include #90 Tom "The Terminator" Henke, #66 Jim Eisenreich (a favorite player of mine), #129 Ozzie Guillen, #149 88 ROY Walt Weiss as well as current Yankee skipper Joe Girardi. But getting the set together in perfect 10’s is going to be a bit more difficult than first seemed. I think most of the star cards that where place into individual holders or sheets when first ripped from backs will do well over time but the ones left unopened or stacked next to each other are going to get stuck together and lose some coloring as they are pried apart. This could be a long term problem for 96’s set collectors of the future. That is if there are anyone beside me.

  • << <i>LINKY

    That sounds like some serious coin to get the rest graded?? >>

    Like $6 a card yes very pricy…but it’s a hobby I suppose. It is only 440 cards…not too bad considering 792 for many other Topps sets.
  • WARNING: Card F7 (Included in this set) Mickey Mantle Last Day. The card comes in a thin plastic sleeve that is sealed on all sides that has LAST DAY PRODUCTION in gold on the back…(found in random factory sets) I found 1 of these in the numerous sets I opened. I sent it off to PSA to grade as it looks just like the #7 card save for the last day production in gold. They sent it back ungraded saying it needed to be out of the wrapper. So carefully cutting the plastic coating off so the card will slide out, I found to my dismay that the card was not embossed with the gold letters just the plastic sleeve. The card is identical to the plentiful #7 card so I’m sending it back in embossed gold sleeve to see what they do. I suppose I should have sent the sleeved card in an additional sleeve but it does not fit into a penny sleeve…and I didn’t realize the embossing was on the sleeve until I cut it and pulled it out. I am sure I’ll just get this one back as well ungraded or graded as a #7 Mantle so I am in need of a #7 Last Day Sleeved (uncut) Mantle if anyone has one. There are (not surprisingly) none graded thus far.
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    This is an admirable quest and I look forward to following it. I have a feeling this will be much more difficult than most people believe.
    Good luck!
    I am buying and trading for RC's of Wilt Chamberlain, George Mikan, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and Bob Cousy!
    Don't waste your time and fees listing on ebay before getting in touch me by PM or at gregmo32@aol.com !

  • Got totally destroyed on my free submission: 3 10's out of 15 cards. Only one I agree with is the one Eckersley...I sure wish they came with a note saying (bad color, soft corner or something...like Beckett). I may not get big money for my set if I go Beckett but at least I will know what is wrong with my subs.
    1996 TOPPS 251 LEE SMITH 10 (1/1)

    1996 TOPPS 368 DENNIS ECKERSLEY 9 Still looking for a 10 to complete the HoF set for this...I get the one being an 8.5 as it came from a set I got from a smoker's house and was kind of off white (not overly noticable), funny thing is my first sub of 96's had none that were marked down for discoloring though I had some come from the same set graded. I'll not be subing any more of those "smoker's house" cards. I totally think I got robbed on the 9, but will just get more raws and submit unless someone wants to sell me one!

    1996 TOPPS 434 C.HAAS/G.ARIAS/S.ROLEN/S.SPIEZIO 9 Another that I've had trouble with...this one was solid centering at least I though...

    1996 TOPPS 400 MANNY RAMIREZ 10

    1996 TOPPS 367 JAVY LOPEZ 7
    1996 TOPPS 380 JEFF BAGWELL 8
    1996 TOPPS 129 OZZIE GUILLEN 7
    1996 TOPPS 136 HIDEO NOMO 10
  • My paid submission faired better (more then 50% 10's) 17 10's, 11 9's and 5 8's...perhaps I need to look at the cards harder...I use magnifing glass and don't normally submit a card I know is bad (like the 8.5 Eck above). Perhaps I should send the PSA's to Beckett and see what they say my issue is...I was told when I first started this that Beckett might be better for the newer stuff. Any thoughts?

  • Well I looked closely at my subs and it is a color issue. Some are very white and others not so much. Very few slightly off color cards make a 10 (but some do...so buy the card not the grade.) I for one will not risk sending in the yellowing cards...I actually hope this is only the cards from the smokers house. As for the 7's I got, they were from fresh packs where the cards stuck together and pulled some of the color off...you have to really look at those, as you might think you get them apart without damage but under a magnifying glass the story is very different. I will be taking my time on the last 70% of this set $6/$8 per common is pricy for a 7-9 grade.

    As for whoever said this would be easy...wrong and here is why:

    Under 6000 cards have been graded in this set. Over 2000 of those cards are of #25 Sean Casey (Less than 10% of this card got a PSA 10) So only 4K of the other cards have even been graded...those being of the major stars of the day. Many of the common cards (170 or so) have yet to have a graded example and most sit in sets, unopened boxes or in collections laying against each other. Therein lies the problem. I have found the cards stick together like a brick in the sets and unopened packs...this rips the color off of them (Like my PSA 7 (1/1) Javy Lopez) and basically only the top card in a pack is undamaged. Stars and HoF's are fairly easy to get (Save for Biggio and Eckersley who only have 9 PSA 10's out there...and the Biggio STP has just 1 PSA 10 but it will be the commons along with common STP cards, 4 person rookies, the AAA cards and draft picks that will be most difficult...not prior 1980s hard...but difficult for 1990's cards. This sticking issue may also be true for many glossy cards made in the last 20+ years. This set isn't highly collected right now and may never be but as with all Topps sets, eventually someone will want to finish this in all 10's besides me...

    Still looking for the #368 Eckersley and #9 Craig Biggio STP in PSA 10
  • 51% Complete...Don't know about the rest of you but I've been destroyed on many of my last submissions.
  • RangermanRangerman Posts: 276 ✭✭
    Hi Chief.. I'm following this thread and will help if possible. I'm a 1996 Texas Rangers team set builder. The sticky issue is for real.. This set is expensive in the raw and condition sensitive.. Good luck and thanks for your service to this country..

    TONY/ Rangerman
    Rangerman / ARMEDPILOT

  • Yellowing is also an issue, or seems to be. Could be just the open set I bought on E-bay from an obvious smoker, but I’ve seen this yellowing in other glossy Topps issues, most notable on 95 Topps and the 1985 Tiffany Set. Some cards I have seen in 10 cases with this yellowing…could be it was just missed and the new guy has a better eye for it or the cards are ageing and all glossy cards will soon be yellow.

    Check out my 95 Winfield 10
    http://caimages.collectors.com/psaimages/30945/22054730/1995 Topps DAVE WINFIELD 10.jpg
    VS These three:
    http://caimages.collectors.com/psaimages/30945/22339761/1995 Topps TOM GLAVINE 175.jpg
    http://caimages.collectors.com/psaimages/30945/22021944/1995 Topps JIM THOME 312.jpg
    The Winfield and Thome were slabed not too far apart
    http://caimages.collectors.com/psaimages/30945/22021941/1995 Alomar 438 1.jpg

  • 53.17% Complete...at 442 cards it's not an amazing feat but for sure it isn’t cheap. Going to wait on finishing the next set that is for sure.
    I am surprised by the number of lower graded cards I get back, especially when I see nothing wrong with them at all (Besides yellowing on some of the 9's). 49 (9's) 1 (8.5) 19 (8's) 3 (7's) and Card #160 Derek Bell a 6. My wife thinks I shouldn’t send a ton of them in at once, she figures the grader (as being just human) sits there and says, these all can’t be 10’s and gives a % in lower grades.
    Of all the cards I got back that were not 10’s the Bell is the only one I can see the flaw in, so I am not too concerned as they normally are 1/1 anyway. The Bell had some of the color come off the card and I suspect this came from one of the packs I opened...though I didn't see it when I subbed it (of course)....the 1997's are even worse at the sticking by the way.
    I've opened several more sets and found the ones that came in the mini cereal boxes to have less sticking then the standard factory sets. The sticking is killing these cards (96-98) and I imagine if someone doesn't get them out of the packs that this will be a big issue with completing a entire set with commons...that is if anyone besides me decides to collect and grade these 1990's sets. I for one will not buy unopened 96 stuff anymore until I can figure out a way around the sticking. It is a waste of money and would be more likely to buy my commons that have already been sorted and separated from other cards. I will be doing some tests 1997 current factory set that I have that is basically two chunks of cards melded together. I've so far only tried leaving the chunks out for a few days to see if they would loosen (no luck there). Now I plan on sitting them in the garage and maybe the Texas humidity will loosen them...after that I think I might microwave them. I'm willing to try some ideas if anyone has them.
    Something I mentioned before is the yellowing of these cards...it's not as bad as I said and I think this is more of an issue with the 92-95 Sets, the yellowing cards I had were from one set and it might have been just stored in the heat or in a smokers house. Centering on the checklists, Star Power cards, and multi-person RCs seem to be the hardest to beat with this set but I don’t think that is any different than any Topps set ever….I mean really can the drunk card cutter retire already!
    After the batch I dropped off at the show is graded I will have 39 cards that I will need to sub with 25 of those not even being able to find a passable card. I did find and subbed upgrades for the Bell and 2 of the 7's (The Larry Walker Star Power card is a bear and will stay a 7 in my set until someone sells me one of the 4 9's out there or I find one centered) and most of the 8's and 9's, so I am trying to get this set done in complete 10, though I think I might run out of money first.
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    << <i>My wife thinks I shouldn’t send a ton of them in at once, she figures the grader (as being just human) sits there and says, these all can’t be 10’s and gives a % in lower grades. >>

    PSA would deny, deny, deny but I think your wife is correct. I think there is an effort/bias by PSA to grade a sub on a bell curve -- hit the overall average but pick out a few good ones and hit a few bad ones. My first sub was an utter disaster because all I thought was important was the player on the card...I received some of the worst 9's you will ever see. I received a ton of 4s and 5s and ST and OC qualifiers as well. The overall average was probably 5. I learned over time but the bell curve always seems to hold true.

    PS - PSA would love it if you sent in 'a ton of them at once'...
  • Dropped off 1000 at the National...that is a ton in my opinion. Thinking about the bell curve maybe I should resub my Cabbera RCs since I sent them all in at once and got 1 10 the rest lower. The on site gradding clobbered me by the way...Two Henderson RC's come back one as a 5 and the other as an 8...for the $150 I spent I could have bought an 8.5 on the floor.
  • cards651cards651 Posts: 665 ✭✭
    You win some, you lose some, I guess. Don't mean to be too negative on the bell curve thing. As you improve on your subs, the average should move way up. And you do save $'s on the larger subs. Good luck. For me, I pick out the cards to send in. Then wait a while, a week or a month, and then re-visit before sending in. Some cards start to clearly pop out as not being up to par. It seems to help.
  • Good suggestion...Hopefully there isn't a bell curve but if there is there is not much I can do about it. I might get a eye loupe so I don't miss those small blemishes that my magnifing glass misses. My 8's and 9's are nice and present well so I'm not going to get too upset about the bell curve (if it is in fact there)...I mean I'm not selling set anyway.
  • gopherfangopherfan Posts: 106 ✭✭
    I am not positive, but I think PSA uses a 12x magnifier when they review. I bought a 40x, and my subs are usually about 70% 10's. I think they would be higher if I didn't look at so many at once. Maybe do 20 or 30 a day instead of 200 or more.

    Good luck.
    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

    Margaret Thatcher

  • << <i>I am not positive, but I think PSA uses a 12x magnifier when they review. I bought a 40x, and my subs are usually about 70% 10's. I think they would be higher if I didn't look at so many at once. Maybe do 20 or 30 a day instead of 200 or more.

    Good luck. >>

    Will do just bought one!
  • 1996 TOPPS 195 DANTE BICHETTE 10
    1996 TOPPS 295 ED SPRAGUE 10
    1996 TOPPS 147 GREG VAUGHN 10
    1996 TOPPS 282 JEFF CIRILLO 10
    1996 TOPPS 309 MOISES ALOU 9
    1996 TOPPS 303 PEDRO MARTINEZ 10
    1996 TOPPS 158 HAL MORRIS 10
    1996 TOPPS 260 KIRT MANWARING 10
    1996 TOPPS 314 ANDY BENES 10
    1996 TOPPS 328 MARK PORTUGAL 10
    1996 TOPPS 352 RICK KRIVDA 10
    1996 TOPPS 217 KARIM GARCIA 10
    1996 TOPPS 334 CLIFF FLOYD 10
    1996 TOPPS 201 ROD BECK 9
    1996 TOPPS 268 BRIAN HUNTER 8

    Last 1996 Poppage...Now 56% complete. Once my bulk submission I carried up to Cleveland is done I should be done save for 26 cards I can not find in decent shape.

    As for issues I've ran into the sticking cards is still the worst...I've actually decided to abandon completing other 1990's sets to 100% (like the 97 & 98) that I had started after opening two sets in a row that are basically solid blocks of cards. Any hints for unsticking them? I'm all ears...FYI a week in the heat of the garage and a week in the freezer had no effect save destroying the end cards of my 1997 Block of Cards.
  • Better poppage. Is that with the magnifier?

    I am not sure about the sticking. I am doing the 99 and 97 sets, and have had some terrible boxes, and some okay.
    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

    Margaret Thatcher
  • I was just using a magnifying glass and am now using a 40X Magnifying loupe that I got off of Amazon fairly cheap. It's perfect for checking the corners. The lower graded ones seem to have had other damage that I missed (mostly because of the sticking). The sticking could be a storage issue. Perhaps if it is always in a climate controlled environment they won't stick...either way the sets that I have broke from 1997 are mostly stuck together in giant chunks. I've had better luck with the 96 sets that come in the mini-cereal boxes than the traditional factory set. Of the 96 wax boxes I've broke (3 in all) all have been stuck together and were a waste of money.
  • Last Sub came back with (178) PSA 10's (8) PSA 9's and (1) PSA 8 I now sit at 90.07% Complete at a nice 9.84 It did take a lot of work sorting through and putting the lope to each card but in the end it made this sub results so much better.
    I noticed they added the NNO Tri-Jeter Card to the set...and they still have yet to grade my M. Mantle in Last Day Production Sleeve. Going to suggest they remove that from the set if they keep sending it back ungraded.
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    << <i>I was just using a magnifying glass and am now using a 40X Magnifying loupe that I got off of Amazon fairly cheap. It's perfect for checking the corners. The lower graded ones seem to have had other damage that I missed (mostly because of the sticking). The sticking could be a storage issue. Perhaps if it is always in a climate controlled environment they won't stick...either way the sets that I have broke from 1997 are mostly stuck together in giant chunks. I've had better luck with the 96 sets that come in the mini-cereal boxes than the traditional factory set. Of the 96 wax boxes I've broke (3 in all) all have been stuck together and were a waste of money. >>

    94 Topps baseball is like that, bought some packs and a lot of cards stuck together.
  • I think most of the 1990 cards will be like that.
  • Just bumping this to see where you're at on it. I saw you said in an earlier post that you are at 90%, but I don't see it on the registry.

    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

    Margaret Thatcher

  • << <i>Just bumping this to see where you're at on it. I saw you said in an earlier post that you are at 90%, but I don't see it on the registry. >>

    Chief May has been banned from PSA and prohibited from posting by management for posting an open question that was considered derogatory to PSA by Management (I won't go into it). All of his sets were removed from PSA History, including this nearly completed 96 Topps Baseball Set. I'm just a friend who knows him...he's a little bitter but has moved on and is finishing the set with a different grading company. He told me to thank you for the bump as he still reads the boards.

  • Thanks for letting me know. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response to my PM. image
    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

    Margaret Thatcher
  • Contact him through Facebook he is on the PSA Fan page still (since Mr. Orlando doesn't control that) or PM me I'll send you his e-mail address.

  • Turn on your PM's. I don't have facebook. Or you could PM me his e-mail address.


    Rob A.
    "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

    Margaret Thatcher

  • 1 Tony Gwynn STP PSA 10
    2 Mike Piazza STP PSA 10
    3 Greg Maddux STP PSA 10
    4 Jeff Bagwell STP PSA 10
    5 Larry Walker STP PSA 7
    6 Barry Larkin STP PSA 10
    7 Mickey Mantle PSA 10
    8 Tom Glavine STP PSA 10
    9 Craig Biggio STP PSA 10
    10 Barry Bonds STP PSA 10
    11 Heathcliff Slocumb STP PSA 10
    12 Matt Williams STP PSA 9
    13 Todd Helton PSA 10
    14 Mark Redman PSA 8
    15 Michael Barrett PSA 10
    16 Ben Davis PSA 10
    17 Juan LeBron PSA 8
    18 Tony McKnight PSA 10
    19 Ryan Jaroncyk PSA 9
    20 Corey Jenkins PSA 10
    21 Jim Scharrer PSA 8
    22 Mark Bellhorn PSA 10
    23 Jarrod Washburn PSA 10
    24 Geoff Jenkins PSA 10
    25 Sean Casey PSA 10
    26 Brett Tomko PSA 10
    27 Tony Fernandez PSA 10
    28 Rich Becker PSA 9
    29 Andujar Cedeno PSA 10
    30 Paul Molitor PSA 10
    31 Brent Gates PSA 10
    32 Glenallen Hill PSA 9
    33 Mike Macfarlane PSA 10
    34 Manny Alexander PSA 10
    35 Todd Zeile PSA 10
    36 Joe Girardi PSA 10
    37 Tony Tarasco PSA 10
    38 Tim Belcher PSA 10
    39 Tom Goodwin PSA 10
    40 Orel Hershiser PSA 10
    41 Tripp Cromer PSA 10
    42 Sean Bergman PSA 10
    43 Troy Percival PSA 10
    44 Kevin Stocker PSA 9
    45 Albert Belle PSA 9
    46 Tony Eusebio PSA 10
    47 Sid Roberson PSA 9
    48 Todd Hollandsworth PSA 10
    49 Mark Wohlers PSA 10
    50 Kirby Puckett PSA 10
    51 Darren Holmes PSA 10
    52 Ron Karkovice PSA 10
    53 Al Martin PSA 10
    54 Pat Rapp PSA 10
    55 Mark Grace PSA 10
    56 Greg Gagne PSA 10
    57 Stan Javier PSA 10
    58 Scott Sanders PSA 10
    59 J.T. Snow PSA 10
    60 David Justice PSA 10
    61 Royce Clayton PSA 10
    62 Kevin Foster PSA 9
    63 Tim Naehring PSA 10
    64 Orlando Miller PSA 10
    65 Mike Mussina PSA 10
    66 Jim Eisenreich PSA 10
    67 Felix Fermin PSA 10
    68 Bernie Williams PSA 10
    69 Robb Nen PSA 10
    70 Ron Gant PSA 10
    71 Felipe Lira PSA 10
    72 Jacob Brumfield PSA 9
    73 John Mabry PSA 9
    74 Mark Carreon PSA 10
    75 Carlos Baerga PSA 10
    76 Jim Dougherty PSA 9
    77 Ryan Thompson PSA 9
    78 Scott Leius PSA 10
    79 Roger Pavlik PSA 9
    80 Gary Sheffield PSA 10
    81 Julian Tavarez PSA 10
    82 Andy Ashby PSA 10
    83 Mark Lemke PSA 10
    84 Omar Vizquel PSA 9
    85 Darren Daulton PSA 10
    86 Mike Lansing PSA 10
    87 Rusty Greer PSA 10
    88 Dave Stevens PSA 10
    89 Jose Offerman PSA 10
    90 Tom Henke 90
    91 Troy O'Leary PSA 10
    92 Michael Tucker PSA 10
    93 Marvin Freeman PSA 10
    94 Alex Diaz PSA 10
    95 John Wetteland PSA 10
    96 Cal Ripken 2131 PSA 10
    97 Mike Mimbs PSA 10
    98 Bobby Higginson PSA 10
    99 Edgardo Alfonzo PSA 10
    100 Frank Thomas PSA 10
    101 Bob Abreu PSA 10
    102 B.Givens/T.J.Mathews PSA 10
    103 C.Pritchett/T.Hubbard PSA 9
    104 E.Owens/B.Huskey PSA 10
    105 Doug Drabek PSA 10
    106 Tomas Perez PSA 10
    107 Mark Leiter PSA 10
    108 Joe Oliver PSA 10
    109 Tony Castillo PSA 10
    110 Checklist (1-110) PSA 9
    111 Kevin Seitzer PSA 9
    112 Pete Schourek PSA 10
    113 Sean Berry PSA 10
    114 Todd Stottlemyre PSA 10
    115 Joe Carter PSA 10
    116 Jeff King PSA 9
    117 Dan Wilson PSA 10
    118 Kurt Abbott PSA 10
    119 Lyle Mouton PSA 10
    120 Jose Rijo PSA 10
    121 Curtis Goodwin PSA 10
    122 Jose Valentin 122
    123 Ellis Burks PSA 10
    124 David Cone PSA 10
    125 Eddie Murray PSA 10
    126 Brian Jordan PSA 10
    127 Darrin Fletcher PSA 10
    128 Curt Schilling PSA 9
    129 Ozzie Guillen PSA 10
    130 Kenny Rogers PSA 10
    131 Tom Pagnozzi PSA 10
    132 Garret Anderson 132
    133 Bobby Jones PSA 10
    134 Chris Gomez PSA 10
    135 Mike Stanley PSA 10
    136 Hideo Nomo PSA 10
    137 Jon Nunnally PSA 10
    138 Tim Wakefield PSA 10
    139 Steve Finley PSA 10
    140 Ivan Rodriguez PSA 10
    141 Quilvio Veras PSA 10
    142 Mike Fetters PSA 10
    143 Mike Greenwell PSA 10
    144 Bill Pulsipher PSA 10
    145 Mark McGwire PSA 10
    146 Frank Castillo PSA 10
    147 Greg Vaughn PSA 10
    148 Pat Hentgen PSA 10
    149 Walt Weiss PSA 10
    150 Randy Johnson PSA 10
    151 David Segui PSA 10
    152 Benji Gil PSA 10
    153 Tom Candiotti PSA 10
    154 Geronimo Berroa PSA 9
    155 John Franco PSA 9
    156 Jay Bell PSA 10
    157 Mark Gubicza PSA 10
    158 Hal Morris PSA 10
    159 Wilson Alvarez PSA 10
    160 Derek Bell PSA 10
    161 Ricky Bottalico PSA 10
    162 Bret Boone PSA 10
    163 Brad Radke PSA 10
    164 John Valentin PSA 10
    165 Steve Avery 165
    166 Mark McLemore PSA 10
    167 Danny Jackson PSA 10
    168 Tino Martinez PSA 10
    169 Shane Reynolds 169
    170 Terry Pendleton PSA 10
    171 Jim Edmonds 171
    172 Esteban Loaiza 172
    173 Ray Durham 173
    174 Carlos Perez PSA 10
    175 Raul Mondesi PSA 10
    176 Steve Ontiveros 176
    177 Chipper Jones PSA 10
    178 Otis Nixon 178
    179 John Burkett 179
    180 Gregg Jefferies PSA 10
    181 Denny Martinez PSA 8
    182 Ken Caminiti PSA 10
    183 Doug Jones PSA 9
    184 Brian McRae PSA 10
    185 Don Mattingly PSA 10
    186 Mel Rojas PSA 10
    187 Marty Cordova PSA 10
    188 Vinny Castilla PSA 10
    189 John Smoltz PSA 10
    190 Travis Fryman PSA 10
    191 Chris Hoiles 191
    192 Chuck Finley PSA 10
    193 Ryan Klesko PSA 10
    194 Alex Fernandez PSA 10
    195 Dante Bichette PSA 10
    196 Eric Karros PSA 10
    197 Roger Clemens PSA 10
    198 Randy Myers PSA 10
    199 Tony Phillips 199
    200 Cal Ripken PSA 10
    201 Rod Beck PSA 9
    202 Chad Curtis PSA 10
    203 Jack McDowell PSA 10
    204 Gary Gaetti PSA 10
    205 Ken Griffey Jr. PSA 10
    206 Ramon Martinez PSA 10
    207 Jeff Kent PSA 10
    208 Brad Ausmus 208
    209 Devon White PSA 10
    210 Jason Giambi 210
    211 Nomar Garciaparra PSA 10
    212 Billy Wagner PSA 9
    213 Todd Greene 213
    214 Paul Wilson 214
    215 Johnny Damon 215
    216 Alan Benes PSA 10
    217 Karim Garcia PSA 10
    218 Dustin Hermanson 218
    219 Derek Jeter PSA 10
    220 Checklist (111-220) PSA 10
    221 Kirby Puckett STP PSA 10
    222 Cal Ripken STP PSA 10
    223 Albert Belle STP PSA 10
    224 Randy Johnson STP PSA 10
    225 Wade Boggs STP PSA 10
    226 Carlos Baerga STP PSA 10
    227 Ivan Rodriguez STP PSA 10
    228 Mike Mussina STP PSA 10
    229 Frank Thomas STP PSA 10
    230 Ken Griffey Jr. STP PSA 10
    231 Jose Mesa STP PSA 10
    232 Matt Morris PSA 10
    233 Craig Wilson PSA 10
    234 Alvie Shepherd PSA 10
    235 Randy Winn PSA 10
    236 David Yocum PSA 10
    237 Jason Brester PSA 10
    238 Shane Monahan PSA 10
    239 Brian McNichol PSA 10
    240 Reggie Taylor PSA 10
    241 Garrett Long PSA 10
    242 Jonathan Johnson PSA 10
    243 Jeff Liefer PSA 10
    244 Brian Powell PSA 10
    245 Brian Buchanan PSA 10
    246 Mike Piazza PSA 10
    247 Edgar Martinez PSA 10
    248 Chuck Knoblauch PSA 10
    249 Andres Galarraga 249
    250 Tony Gwynn PSA 10
    251 Lee Smith PSA 10
    252 Sammy Sosa PSA 10
    253 Jim Thome PSA 10
    254 Frank Rodriguez 254
    255 Charlie Hayes 255
    256 Bernard Gilkey 256
    257 John Smiley 257
    258 Brady Anderson 258
    259 Rico Brogna PSA 9
    260 Kirt Manwaring PSA 10
    261 Len Dykstra PSA 10
    262 Tom Glavine PSA 10
    263 Vince Coleman PSA 8
    264 John Olerud PSA 10
    265 Orlando Merced 265
    266 Kent Mercker PSA 10
    267 Terry Steinbach 267
    268 Brian L. Hunter PSA 8
    269 Jeff Fassero 269
    270 Jay Buhner 270
    271 Jeff Brantley 271
    272 Tim Raines PSA 10
    273 Jimmy Key PSA 10
    274 Mo Vaughn PSA 10
    275 Andre Dawson PSA 10
    276 Jose Mesa PSA 10
    277 Brett Butler PSA 10
    278 Luis Gonzalez PSA 10
    279 Steve Sparks PSA 10
    280 Chili Davis 280
    281 Carl Everett PSA 10
    282 Jeff Cirillo PSA 10
    283 Thomas Howard 283
    284 Paul O'Neill PSA 10
    285 Pat Meares 285
    286 Mickey Tettleton PSA 10
    287 Rey Sanchez PSA 10
    288 Bip Roberts 288
    289 Roberto Alomar PSA 10
    290 Ruben Sierra PSA 10
    291 John Flaherty PSA 10
    292 Bret Saberhagen PSA 10
    293 Barry Larkin PSA 10
    294 Sandy Alomar Jr. PSA 10
    295 Ed Sprague PSA 10
    296 Gary DiSarcina PSA 10
    297 Marquis Grissom 297
    298 John Frascatore PSA 10
    299 Will Clark PSA 10
    300 Barry Bonds PSA 10
    301 Ozzie Smith PSA 10
    302 Dave Nilsson PSA 10
    303 Pedro Martinez PSA 10
    304 Joey Cora PSA 10
    305 Rick Aguilera PSA 10
    306 Craig Biggio PSA 10
    307 Jose Vizcaino PSA 9
    308 Jeff Montgomery 308
    309 Moises Alou PSA 9
    310 Robin Ventura 310
    311 David Wells PSA 10
    312 Delino DeShields PSA 10
    313 Trevor Hoffman PSA 10
    314 Andy Benes PSA 10
    315 Deion Sanders PSA 10
    316 Jim Bullinger PSA 10
    317 John Jaha PSA 10
    318 Greg Maddux PSA 10
    319 Tim Salmon PSA 10
    320 Ben McDonald PSA 10
    321 Sandy Martinez PSA 10
    322 Dan Miceli PSA 10
    323 Wade Boggs PSA 10
    324 Ismael Valdes PSA 10
    325 Juan Gonzalez PSA 10
    326 Charles Nagy PSA 10
    327 Ray Lankford 327
    328 Mark Portugal PSA 10
    329 Bobby Bonilla 329
    330 Reggie Sanders 330
    331 Jamie Brewington PSA 10
    332 Aaron Sele PSA 10
    333 Pete Harnisch PSA 10
    334 Cliff Floyd PSA 10
    335 Cal Eldred PSA 10
    336 Jason Bates PSA 10
    337 Tony Clark PSA 10
    338 Jose Herrera PSA 10
    339 Alex Ochoa 339
    340 Mark Loretta PSA 10
    341 Donne Wall PSA 9
    342 Jason Kendall PSA 10
    343 Shannon Stewart PSA 10
    344 Brooks Kieschnick 344
    345 Chris Snopek PSA 10
    346 Ruben Rivera PSA 10
    347 Jeff Suppan PSA 10
    348 Phil Nevin PSA 10
    349 John Wasdin PSA 10
    350 Jay Payton PSA 10
    351 Tim Crabtree 351
    352 Rick Krivda PSA 10
    353 Bob Wolcott PSA 10
    354 Jimmy Haynes PSA 10
    355 Herb Perry PSA 8
    356 Ryne Sandberg PSA 10
    357 Harold Baines PSA 10
    358 Chad Ogea PSA 10
    359 Lee Tinsley PSA 10
    360 Matt Williams PSA 10
    361 Randy Velarde PSA 10
    362 Jose Canseco PSA 10
    363 Larry Walker PSA 10
    364 Kevin Appier 364
    365 Darryl Hamilton PSA 10
    366 Jose Lima PSA 10
    367 Javy Lopez PSA 7
    368 Dennis Eckersley PSA 10
    369 Jason Isringhausen PSA 10
    370 Mickey Morandini PSA 9
    371 Scott Cooper PSA 10
    372 Jim Abbott PSA 8
    373 Paul Sorrento PSA 10
    374 Chris Hammond PSA 10
    375 Lance Johnson PSA 10
    376 Kevin Brown 376
    377 Luis Alicea PSA 8
    378 Andy Pettitte PSA 10
    379 Dean Palmer 379
    380 Jeff Bagwell PSA 9
    381 Jaime Navarro PSA 10
    382 Rondell White PSA 10
    383 Erik Hanson PSA 10
    384 Pedro Munoz PSA 10
    385 Heathcliff Slocumb PSA 10
    386 Wally Joyner 386
    387 Bob Tewksbury PSA 10
    388 David Bell PSA 10
    389 Fred McGriff PSA 10
    390 Mike Henneman PSA 10
    391 Robby Thompson PSA 10
    392 Norm Charlton PSA 10
    393 Cecil Fielder PSA 10
    394 Benito Santiago PSA 10
    395 Rafael Palmeiro PSA 10
    396 Ricky Bones PSA 10
    397 Rickey Henderson PSA 10
    398 C.J. Nitkowski PSA 10
    399 Shawon Dunston 399
    400 Manny Ramirez PSA 10
    401 Bill Swift PSA 10
    402 Chad Fonville PSA 10
    403 Joey Hamilton PSA 10
    404 Alex Gonzalez PSA 8
    405 Roberto Hernandez PSA 9
    406 Jeff Blauser PSA 9
    407 LaTroy Hawkins PSA 10
    408 Greg Colbrunn PSA 10
    409 Todd Hundley 409
    410 Glenn Dishman PSA 8
    411 Joe Vitiello PSA 8.5
    412 Todd Worrell PSA 9
    413 Wil Cordero PSA 10
    414 Ken Hill PSA 10
    415 Carlos Garcia PSA 10
    416 Bryan Rekar PSA 10
    417 Shawn Green 417
    418 Tyler Green 418
    419 Mike Blowers PSA 8
    420 Kenny Lofton PSA 9
    421 Denny Neagle PSA 9
    422 Jeff Conine PSA 10
    423 Mark Langston PSA 9
    424 Cox/Ibarra/Derek Lee/Wright PSA 10
    425 Owens/Bonnici/Rickey Sexson/Ward PSA 10
    426 Riggs/Morris/Relafor/Jordan PSA 10
    427 Harkrider/Ray Ordonez/Perez/Wilson PSA 10
    428 Bartolo Colon/Million/Orellano/Ricken PSA 10
    429 Marty Janzen/D'Amico/Rath/Sodowsky PSA 10
    430 Rdrews/Hunter/Ruebel/Billy Wagner PSA 10
    431 Dave Coggin/Bluma/Montgomery/Reed PSA 10
    432 R.Ibanez RC/Paul Konerko/Mosquera/Figga PSA 10
    433 Marc Kroon/Barber/Wengert/Valdes PSA 10
    434 Scott Rolen/S.Spiezio/Haas/Arias PSA 10
    435 V.Guerrero/A.Jones/Banks/McMillon PSA 10
    436 Shane Spencer/Grieve/Gibson/Cedeno PSA 10
    437 A.French/D.Stovall/D. Smith/K. Williams PSA 10
    438 M.Coleman RC/R.Hidalgo/Cruz/Peterson PSA 10
    439 Jermaine Dye/Echevarria/Beamon/Benitez PSA 10
    440 Checklist PSA 10
    Mickey Mantle Sweepstakes Card PSA 10
    NNO Jeter Tri-Card Not Graded
    Big Topps Griffey Jr. Not Graded
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