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Rule 1) This is not a public-run forum. This is a PSA forum paid for by PSA, a division of Collectors Universe, and provided to PSA customers and supporters to exchange information regarding trading cards and/or memorabilia. We make the rules and expect every member to follow them; no exceptions.

Rule 2) Anyone posting inappropriate, insensitive, crude, or vulgar images or language will no longer be allowed to post. No warnings.

Rule 3) Anyone attacking another poster or making disparaging personal remarks will no longer be allowed to post. No warnings.

Rule 4) Anyone making libelous or defamatory remarks concerning any individual, company, or other entity will no longer be allowed to post. No warnings.

Rule 5) If you have nothing to contribute to a thread or the forum as a whole, then do not post. Snide remarks and other negative comments will result in a revocation of your posting privileges. No warnings.

Rule 6) This forum is about collecting trading cards and/or memorabilia. If your post is not directly related to trading cards and/or memorabilia, then this is the wrong forum. Posting off-topic matter may result in the removal of the post and/or posting privileges depending on the topic matter. No warnings.

Rule 7) This is a PSA forum. Posts promoting or bashing other grading companies or services are not allowed. Those posts will be removed and your posting privileges may be removed as well. No warnings.

Rule 8) This forum is provided for the education and sharing of information, not as a personal soapbox. If you want to learn and share information about trading cards and/or memorabilia, you are welcome here.

Rule 9) Advertising of any sort is not allowed on this forum. If you would like additional advertising space on this site, please contact our Advertising Department at (800) 325-1121 (ext. 356) or by emailing [email protected] Violators may have their posting privileges removed without warning. (Note: Your signature may contain multiple images and/or links, but it must be limited to a single line and the text must be regular font size, type, and color.)

Rule 10) If you don't like any of the rules outlined above, see Rule 1.

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