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Muhammad Ali autographs

I wonder if anyone can help. I recently bought an Ali signed photograph and now have the collecting bug. I am looking to buy some new pieces and after looking on line I have seen a few things I am interested in. I was hoping for some advice on what is the best signature to collect (I'm going to buy a glove and some shorts). Is it 'Muhammad Ali aka casius clay' or 'Cassius clay' - these two options seem less common than the Muhammad Ali autograph. Unfortunately I can't afford a vintage one but they do come with online authentics. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • I would start by familiarizing myself with his signature and form. Then collect as many scans of authentic items as you can to build a database to help you make your own decisions. Just because something has a cert dos not make it real Most Akli I see is fake. Look for documents for comparison - checks, contracts etc.

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