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Frosted holders from recent submissions to PSA?

I recently purchased a PSA grade card where it looked like the holder was frosted. The seller showed me the original packing slip from PSA, so I still ended up purchasing it. The original front and back scans are here, and I'm providing them as links instead of embedding the picture so as not to get confused with the current holder. Original Front Original Back

I sent the card back to PSA, and it still looks like the card is somewhat frosted (esp on the bottom). However, it may just have been PSA's holdering machinery scraping the sides or something. (This is what it also seemed like with the card in the original holder.) Has anyone else seen this from recent submissions to PSA? I've included the scans. Do you think I need to send this back yet again for another reholder or does it look okay? This card is for my personal collection, so I'm not looking to sell it, but if for some reason, I eventually have to sell it, I wouldn't want any potential buyers to think that the card wasn't legit. Thanks!




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