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Questionable/fake JFK's on ebay

I quite frequently buy/sell/trade Presidential autographs, and thought I'd put a thread here that has ebay numbers of items that I personally believe are NOT authentic autographs. This is not meant to capture EVERY non authentic JFK that is posted, but to simply weed out some of the obvious ones (in my opinion) that I happen to stumble across, on the occasions when I happen to search for a minute on ebay.

ebay auction #'s of some questionable JFK's


Hopefully this thread might save someone from getting burned. Again, this represents my OPINION only.
Buying US Presidential autographs


  • thenavarrothenavarro Posts: 7,496 ✭✭✭
    Here's another:

    Buying US Presidential autographs
  • Hi Mike,

    The hobby thanks you as well as me image
    Diligence always pays off. In one very tight area I used to authenticate in after 7 years I was finding the same hand over and over. The usual mix of old paper with loss of size, incredulous signature combinations and fresh ink (and the same hand). I am not in many areas anymore though as it became clear I don't "play ball" in a circle. If I think something is bad and can show it, I will not stay quiet. I have learned in some cases it is impossible to prevent the separation of fool and money - it is in itself a fools task. But, if everyone does a little, as you have done here... image

    Many thanks,
  • Hi Mike,

    do you think that fact that JFK collected autographs affected his own signature? I don't know Presidential stuff, just my little neck of Golden Hollywood, Theater, Titanic and Hiroshima, but have read JFK's sig forms are all over the place - is this so?

    Best regards,
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