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Old thread gets removed in this section? Ichiro auto update!

I remember postinga thread regarding an Ichiro Suzuki autographed bat that was signed in person in 2002 spring training. That thread is no longer listed on here. Anyways, I sent it into JSA to have them check it out since PSA failed it. It was received on a Monday and got a call on Wednesday from a lady from JSA telling me I filled out the form wrong since bat can't get basic fee rate. They charged me another $15 since its a bat. I said ok, then the next morning the i received in email with the ups tracking number that it was shipped. I heard stories JSA takes weeks for an item to be checked out and I got it back already? Not having a good feeling about this, but I got home today and got a large envelope from JSA. I opened it and it was an LOA for the bat. It passed to my surprised since the turn around time so fast.

I know this is a PSA forum, but is JSA better at sports autographs authenticating than PSA?


  • Hello Dap,

    use your Google search engine image

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    info per request
    Just for interesting reading...I'm no fan of any of these folks really, and they all seem to have it in personally for each other. Of course, when you get to the replica signatures on the certificates, it starts to get too funny. Maybe they are signed by hand now - it would mean little to me anyway.

  • Hi Dap,

    Is this the bat I "passed" as good with the caveat of not having handled it myself? The old thread should be here archived - just search the title or by your ID. I wonder hat you made of the linked info above? Don't lose taste for the hobby - its just some of the people and services. Good autographs are just fine and out there.

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  • daprodapro Posts: 209 ✭✭
    Eric, yes it is the same bat. Just got it delivered back to me and i haven't gotten a chance to take it out of the box yet. Still trying to figure out ow to display it.
  • Hi image

    Well, someone must make large plastic cases for these. If not, what about suspending from a guitar wall hangar? Dust would not really settle on it as it would be vertical and you could place it out of sunlight. I know, still open to the air, but it sounds a neat display. Framing (properly) would probably supercede the value of the bat?

    Best wishes,
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