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(OT) LM2E update, 6/27/13 (gold coin drawing winner announced!)

For those somewhat newer to the forums, "LM2E" is shorthand for "Lord Marcovan To England". Feel free to ignore this thread if you haven't been involved in it before, or if it bores you.


This was a mind-blowingly generous series of donations from the forums to send me on a metal detecting trip to England, with the proviso that I write about and share the adventures.

Several years have passed and nothing much happened on that front. It was not until last year that I actually received the funds from Laurentyvan, who is no longer active on the forums. He was instrumental in collecting them on my behalf, and I am forever grateful to him for that.

Let's start by saying I am not soliciting further donations. I never was, actually. This was offered freely by forum friends, and I accepted. (There have been times I wished I never had, but that's irrelevant now.)

So, now that we're in late June of 2013, there has finally been some action by yours truly. Two hurdles have been cleared.

One, I am now once again the holder of a valid US passport. (My old one had expired sometime around 1977.)

Two, I am now in the process of paying the deposit and actually booking the trip, which should happen from November 2nd to November 9th of this year.

I will be hunting with the Colchester group.

So barring a catastrophe, I'll be in England before the year is out, digging old stuff out of the ground, living a lifelong dream, and having the adventure of my life. Mostly due to the generosity of the forums.

Of course I intend to post plenty of videos of the action. In fact, I've been warming up for that, with my new "Dirty Movies".

I apologize that it has taken me so long to uphold my end of the bargain. The offer is still open for anyone who donated years ago to have their money back, if they feel I procrastinated too long.

So, there are now two pieces of business.

One, I promised a gold coin giveaway years ago. And I intend to honor that promise. The good news is, if you're one of the original donors, you're automatically entered. I'll do the random drawing by July 1st.

(The bad news is, if you're not an original donor, you're not in the gold giveaway, but I'll do another British coin giveaway that's open to all.)

The prize in the donors' drawing will be a 1789 half-guinea from my signature "Holey Gold Hat".

UPDATE: see below- the drawing was won by "llafoe & children".


(I'll announce the other "open for all" giveaway soon. Three people will win UNC George V farthings. This is one of them.)

Stay tuned for the giveaway threads, and further updates on the trip (though I'll not post TOO much about it because it has been a bit of a sore spot with the admins in the past.)


  • Good evening M'Lord,

    I am glad to hear that LM2E has not died, I know that the path has been somewhat complicatedimage I look forward to hearing about your trip/


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  • Lord M,

    I believe I joined the forums more recently than the origin of LM2E. Nevertheless, in my time here I have certainly become a fan of your enthusiastic pursuit of the hobby. I wish you a most enjoyable journey and will look forward to updates on how it all went.


  • TwoKopeikiTwoKopeiki Posts: 8,678 ✭✭✭✭✭
    That's pretty awesome Rob! Looking forward to the videos and the finds!

  • As I read about this, I'm watching a group on tv digging up a hill over there for Saxon relics. It's good to see that the funds got where they intended and you are getting things together to make the trip.

    LOTS of pics of the trip, if you would.image Best of luck, too!
  • StorkStork Posts: 5,000 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Good News! I was just watching a show--I have no idea what it was but it was about a group digging around the Thames with special permission--and I was thinking of you. I ALMOST made it to England this summer, but sadly did not. It's nice to hear you are going and I can't wait to read/watch about it. Fantastic imageimage


    edited to add: This was the show, we were watching it in Gibraltar last weekend imageNatGeo Treasure on the Thames

  • SmEagle1795SmEagle1795 Posts: 2,037 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I just landed from a nine-hour flight from England. The weather was great this week but they've been having a load of rain as of late. Perhaps that will help uproot the soil and make your digging more successful?

    Best of luck! I'm sure it will be a blast!
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  • JCMhoustonJCMhouston Posts: 5,310 ✭✭✭
    Good luck and looking forward to the reports. I'm currently sitting in England waiting to get to Heathrow and go home in the morning. Unfortunately no time to shop this trip, flew in Wednesday for 3 days of meetings that finished around 5 this afternoon.
  • olmanjonolmanjon Posts: 1,195
    Lord M-As one of the original donors I can't wait to see your post for this trip to England. For those of us who cannot afford to go on such a trip, this is a great way to see it vicarously through your eyes. I would be remiss if I did not thank Loren for starting this trip and all of the work that he did on it through the years. Great job, Loren. Thank you from all of us here on the forumn.
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  • lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 41,833 ✭✭✭✭✭

    << <i>Good News! I was just watching a show--I have no idea what it was but it was about a group digging around the Thames with special permission--and I was thinking of you. I ALMOST made it to England this summer, but sadly did not. It's nice to hear you are going and I can't wait to read/watch about it. Fantastic imageimage


    edited to add: This was the show, we were watching it in Gibraltar last weekend imageNatGeo Treasure on the Thames >>

    Cathy- thanks for the link. I will check that out! I've always wanted to go "mudlarking" on the Thames foreshore, and was even looking at one tour that had previously included one day of that in their weeklong itineraries, but for some reason (perhaps permit- or liability-related) they had discontinued it.
  • AndresAndres Posts: 3,484 ✭✭✭

    Do your best and dont come back with at least one pot and a chest.
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  • lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 41,833 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'll take the pot on the left, please. The chest, though handsome, looks like it contains modern Eurocents. image
  • lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 41,833 ✭✭✭✭✭
    BTW, I will try to get the gold coin giveaway done today, and maybe get on to the other giveaway, if time permits.

  • lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 41,833 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm now going to dig up the original pledge list from the old blog.

    There were:

    71 contributors
    182 pledged shares
    $2750 total pledged

    To make the chances for the gold giveaway proportionate, I will break it down by the number of shares, as seen below (i.e., more chances for those who donated more.)

    To be candid, I have a little Gollum greed making me want to hold onto "my precioussss". But a promise is a promise.

    However, if I or a member of my family wins the gold coin drawing, I'll keep the coin on my hat. BUT... in the unlikely event that happens, I will give something else of equal value away.

    Laurentyvan & Wife 2 shares $30
    Silvereagle82 4 shares $60
    Coinpictures 4 shares $60
    Kryptonitecomics 1 Share $15
    Savoyspecial 1 Share $15
    Muygraneoso 1 Share $15
    tjc2120 1 Share $15
    Steve27 1 Share $15
    rjsvt 2 Shares $30
    BigE 1 Share $15
    Filthybroke 2 Shares $30
    lotsoluck 1 Share $15
    Madmarty 1 Share $15
    Unclejoe 1 Share $15
    Hyperion 2 Shares $30
    Swampboy 2 Shares $30
    Ilafoe & children 33 Shares $500
    Elkevyo 1 Share $15
    Silvereagles92 2 Shares $30
    Realalone 3 Shares $45
    Coinkid855 1 Share $15
    Speety 1 Share $15
    Pakasmom 3 Share $45
    Blackhawk 1 Share $15
    Spoon 2 Shares $30
    Determined 2 Shares $30
    Sbeverly 2 Shares $30
    Hussulo 2 Shares $30
    Zohar 1 Share $15
    Stork 1 Share $15
    Daltonista 2 Shares $30
    Kranky 2 Shares $30
    Lord Marcovan 10 Shares $150
    Pendragon1998 1 Share $15
    Duki 2 Shares $30
    Ozzyandy 1 Share $15
    JimK & Wife 2 Shares $30
    Newsman 1 Share $15
    UncleJoe 1 Share $15
    Jkustelski 2 Shares $30
    keepdachange 10 Shares $150
    worldcoinguy 1 Share $15
    olmanjon 1 Share $15
    Carl's Coins 1 Share $15
    Mr. & Mrs. FILAMCOINS 2 Shares $30
    Grip 5 Shares $75
    Joan.of.art 3 Shares $45
    Bailathacl 1 Share $15
    docday2003 4 Shares $60
    ca0100000 1 Share $15
    LordM:In Memory of Wayne Whatley, aka "Newbiecollector" 1 Share $15
    Laurentyvan:In Memory of Wayne Whatley, aka "Newbiecollector" 1 Share $15
    Black Mountain Coins 'Danglen": $50
    Store credit for future giveaway
    Nederveit 1 Share $15
    surfinxHI 1 Share $15
    lkeigwin $10 Shares $150
    JCMHouston 1 Share $15
    Heavymetal 1 Share $15
    Northeast Numismatics Chris-donation of an
    $89 graded coin for giveaway
    Zot 10 Shares $150
    Omega 1 Share $15
    lcoopie 1 Share $15
    NHunter 1 Share $15
    Canadacolornut 3 Shares $45
    Dentuck 1 Share $15
    ElKevvo 1 Share $15
    Anonymous 2 Shares $30
    rocketman 1 Share $15
    Kameo 2 Shares $30
    Ankurj 2 Shares $30
    Astrorat 2 Shares $30
    Bobsav2121 1 Share $15
    carto.illuminati 1 Share $15
    JimDepot 2 Shares $30
  • lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 41,833 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Random.org drew #64.

    If you count off the shares in the order listed below, that falls under "llafoe & children"

    Since llafoe was the single largest contributor, with 33 shares totalling $500, that's pretty fair. I'm rather happy it worked out that way. image

    Off to tell llafoe he just won an 18th century gold coin... image
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