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Joe Louis signature Real? Yes/No Opinions requested

I also had this posted in another forum, did not realize we had a specific
Autograph Forum

Picked this up last year mainly for the ticket itself and the signature was not
really a big concern at the time. Not really sure if it was genuine or not so did
not give it much weight in added value.

Since it’s on the ticket and Joe Louis was at this fight Doing ringside commentary
(1st Liston Vs. Clay Fight), I suspect it may have been signed at the time. Anyway I
have looked at a few Louis Autographs (See link below). For the most part it does
look good with the exception of the ending S which seems off compaired to the examples.
It could, I guess, have been signed rather quickly as I would think there were many asking
for his Auto and he could have rushed the ending to move on to the next?
Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Link below to a page I found with some Louis Signature Examples for different years
Joe Louis Signature Example page


Thanks in advance for your help


  • Hello smokeybandit,

    Argh! More sports! At least I have heard of this person. From what you have provided with your scan (not the easiest to see with the red ink) and those exemplars, and knowing I do not do sports signatures, that ticket looks like it might well be authentic. It fits between the '58 and '71 exemplars with regard to the basic construction, fluidity and so on. I try to avoid "rushed" signatures, but at least this is on a ticket which makes it plausible. I would look at as many other examples as I could, signed tickets and programs especially, and see if the form and other characteristics align. And try to find another with that "s" and that "L" - they appear perhaps different, but certainly in the realm of his signature. That is ballpoint? If ink always check for bleeding - a characteristic of a recent signature on an old paper whose sizing has either been abraded or has lost its strength due to age - not as likely with ball point but the same applies. Look for ink of any type over abraded areas, or worn spots where it should also be worn. Look for the signs of age. Perhaps send the scan to the folks running the page you linked. I'd learn more, and spend the cash elsewhere (gosh, $75 - it's only a $175 item max and as people say in the coin group - not worth sending in).
    Were I buying it I'd not need any papers from anyone (assuming an in hand examination satisfied me).

    Best wishes,
  • Thanks Erik

    Truly Appreciate your insight. As mentioned the signature was not a really what I was buying when I purchased this ticket stub.
    I am a big Sonny Listion Fan and this ticket stub is rather hard to come by. Ticket value alone is between 250.00 and 300.00 because
    of the poor condition and the Joe Louis Auto would be a nice bonus for me if it could be authenticated. Dont think it will increase the
    value enough to offset the cost but would be a real bust if it came back bogus image so I guess I still need to do more research before
    rolling the dice.

    There is a spot in the signature that has the ink worn off into the white crease its just at the end of the e in Joe and over the letter
    "i" in the black printed word Ticket Which is also worn. I guess thats a good sign as there is wear on the signature.

    Also the second to last signature on the signature example page has the same L that is attached to the ending e in joe, looks like his
    later signatures starting sometime around 1958 he started connecting the e and L

    Again thanks for the sharing your insight

  • magikbillymagikbilly Posts: 6,780
    Hey image

    Sure. Thank you - for saying thanks! It is a rarity.
    I should have qualified my statement re value - that was for the signature itself - not the stub. I'd not know a sports ticket value. I too collect stubs and they often bring good $ - I was too busy making sure I got the signature part right and checking auction results. If the folks that collect sport tix are like the folks that collect theater tix the range of interest will go from those that think the ticket is less desirable signed to those that see an increase with the signature. I am in the latter camp much more often than not (and assuming its a signature I want!) image .

    Best wishes,
  • Oh Yes the boxing ticket collectors do indeed seem to fall into both camps, signed
    and unsigned. I myself have no problem with a signature on the back of a stub and
    with this particular signature of a Great boxer being on the back of an already poor
    condition stub I cant see it really hurting its condition. Of course that’s only my
    opinion and I am sure there are others who may not agree.
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