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How many vintage signed Hiroshima survivor autographs have you seen?

Hi All,

Have you seen any from before 1955? It is a new area of collecting for me and I have found a very few, all of one man. Printed, candids, book photos, Military photos, postcards...but just one man.

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  • Hi Folks,

    Sorry I have not been able to post this new collection - yet. This is the collection I alluded to posting a while back in the Incredible Navarro Presidential Suite. This little collection has grown - color slides, more b/w candids with the negs, a signed photo of him signing, a model he built...I think you guys will like it. Just gotta scan 3 new slides and arrange some pics.
    I also wish to repost my Star Trek vintage set now that I have everyone in true vintage - new scans and better descriptions and also a couple of Lithographs made in 1975 to get interest up for what was originally going to be a Star Trek TV return but morphed into what I think was obviously the best Trek - ST: The Motion Picture.
    I have watched the most recent "star trek" film at least 3 times and can not even remember the plot. To use those lines and classic Trek scenarios in the first few minutes was incredibly stupid. What a surprise - there was a reason the first film never went over 100 million. To break that ceiling they broke the damn show and made it a much larger franchise. Quantity/quality. Ugh.

    Best wishes,
  • SEE MY SIG LINE. image

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