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sighned Bob Hope poloroid

OldEastsideOldEastside Posts: 4,602 ✭✭✭✭✭
picture.........I don't have it anymore, my mom gave it away years ago
It was a poloroid picture of him at LAX and he was nice enough to sign
it.........just wondering what and if it had any value had I still had it?

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    Without seeing it, or knowing what it was signed with, probably $60 to $80 or so depending on the clarity/quality of image/pose and quality of signature. It would have to be very unusual to bring more than $90. Polaroids won't please many people as they are prone to fading and deterioration, no matter how you store them.
    As an advanced collector I love signed candids (have Judy Garland b/w peel print 1954, Richard Burton color 8x10 Kodak 1976, DeForest Kelley color 3x4 matte photo 1977, Art Carney 3x4 b/w C. 1960 etc) but many want only signed 8x10's without a dedication etc. I generally prefer signed candids as they are unique. I hate when people look at my collection and say "I have that..." - on the other hand, candids usually bring less money than a traditional signed photograph...

    Best wishes,
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