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Giveaway of Paperclip Swap #6 (winner: illini420)

See Operation Paperclip 2013 (if you're on this board, you can't have missed it, surely.)

This pair of items was Swap #6, but the person who put up Swap #7 decided he didn't really need them and told me to give them away.

So here we go. A VG+ 1915-D Barber quarter plus a Cheerios cent.

The photo below is of the actual quarter but the Cheerios cent picture is a stock image.

Just post ONCE here to enter.

Those who have already participated in Operation Paperclip 2013 get extra chances in the drawing, but the winner will be selected by random number generator.

Drawing to be held on or shortly after February 27th (ladymarcovan's birthday), or the 28th (end of the month).


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