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Great-grandfather's collection

Just came back from a family meetup with my great-grandfather's stamp book - I'm a coin guy myself but it seemed interesting.

These were mostly collected around 1917-1918 it would appear (and there are some receipts from 1918 of a dealer in Columbus, OH to support). Is there any generic advice I could get about trying to get an idea of any value from around this time?

EDIT: just looked again and most of the foreign issues are 1850s-1900s and US issues are 1900s-1930s.

Appears to be a mix of US and world, mostly used.



  • the foreign I cant help you with--but the US stuff there is some semi valuable stuff from that time period--are they used or mint? the first issue you will probably see is the Pan American issue around 1901-1c ship, 2c train, 4c car, 5c bridge--there is ways to find the value online--but like I said before 10 percent of the cat value is the norm for stamps now--good luck bud.
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    looking for fractionals and MPC's
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    Thanks for the response - they're in a college notebook with 1934/35 calendars. Unfortunately most are 'used'. Here are some pics that will hopefully help on guidance...










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    What are those numbers in pencil, between the stamps? Are those totals, or sums? Or could they be catalog numbers of the stamp that belongs in that spot?

    They look too big to be values.

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  • Well it's an interesting group you have there. The first sheet of US stamps appear to have been very roughly handled as they are ripped,etc.
    The GB and Germany look to have been more respectfully treated. Then you have an interesting group of pre-cancels (mostly). I don't know if anybody still collects those but your ancestor sure did and I'd guess he had a source of incoming mail that provided most of the blocks. Looks like he treated them better too when he removed them.
    Big question: How are they attached to the sheets of paper? Some look glued on which is no good. Others might be hinged which is OK.
    On the whole, I'd say kinda nifty to own g-g-g-dad's collection.
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    Quit an assortment of postage stamps there, some have been rode hard and put up wet though, they can be used as fillers until a better example comes along. I saw a few that are collectible, the 10 cent green Special Delivery and a couple of regular issues of Special Delivery. There maybe some varieties on some of those 2 cent stamps which would increase the values, but magnification would be needed to define.
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    OMG!! Those pics could have been taken right out of MY collection (with the exception of those blocks)!!

    Mine are similarly cancelled, and, in many case, attached with scotch tape vs hinges. Big mistake, as a lot have the centers getting discolored (unless the tape dried-out & fell off). But what did I know.... I was a stupid kid.........

    Finally making the move to de-clutter, which includes either tossing most of the lot, or giving them to YN's or whomever will have them......

    P.S. ALSO a "coin guy"!

  • Spotted some decent stuff. If I am buying a collection like yours based on the pics, I'd bid around 8-10 cents a stamp for the whole lot. For example, if there are 1000 stamps, I'd pay $80-$100.

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