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I would like to purchase an ISA graded card in "Gem Mint" grade to eventually land in a PSA holder. I am not worried about the card landing in a PSA 10 holder, a 9 Mint would suffice. My concerns relate to the scrutiny ISA placed on the card, for example catching an edge being touched up with marker or trimming.

I have not examined the card in hand but have a nice scan. Looks full size and it is a very popular card of a very famous athlete. The card will be looked at VERY HARD by PSA.

Has anyone cracked and subbed a previously slabbed ISA card and had it rejected by PSA?




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    Don't bother. Especially if you can't provide a scan!

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    Did you buy the ISA 10 1979 OPC Gretzky for 2k?
  • The guy that owns ISA buys and sells PSA cards. You're not going to come out ahead by cracking out ISA cards and then sending them to PSA.
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    Wow, Didnt know that info maurice.
    I thought the company was run by a small group of 30 something year old guys.
    I dont know much about ISA but I wouldnt invest money in there cases hoping for quality items.
  • Exactly.....don't buy any ISA items and expect them to cross into PSA.
  • Thank you for the information.

    I could provide a scan but I was preferring to kind of lay low at this time. It's up for auction and I was not interested in bringing a lot of attention to it, though it would not be too hard to figure out. The forum detectives are quite skilled.

    It is not a Gretzky card.

    I appreciate the replies, but has anyone actually attempted to cross a high profile card and failed?

    I have only one experience with ISA and it was of a 1991 Topps Desert Shield Sandberg. I cracked it and subbed to PSA,...came back a 9. The card I am looking at now is much more coveted.

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    psa, bgs or sgc are the only companies I'm comfortable buying. Maybe ksa if its a Canadian card. Anytime I see a card in a slab other than the ones I mentioned.. I assume there is something wrong with the card that prevented it from being slabbed by a better company.. Such as being trimmed ect....
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    well there are only about 2 decent ISA 10s on ebay auction. 1986 Jordan and 1984 USFL Steve young. Id stay away from both just my opinion.
  • Yea, its the MJ. It just looks so nice. I suppose if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

  • << <i>well there are only about 2 decent ISA 10s on ebay auction. 1986 Jordan and 1984 USFL Steve young. Id stay away from both just my opinion. >>

    PWCC is auctioning the Jordan ... part of the item description is as follows:

    Dead centered and stunning copy. Please be advised however that ISA is not a grading company we acknowledge as highly reputable and as such, we do not guarantee that this card will grade by another 3rd party grader.


    It was tough having to sell almost my entire collection of ~1,700 PSA graded cards from the 1910s - 1970's and my ~250 - 300 Graded Packs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. But when your daughter AND your wife are diagnosed with Cancer, sometimes you don't have a choice. One day I'll get some of them back!
  • The cards I've seen for sale look extremely suspect. Sellers have added descriptions to make them appear more desirable (with claims of crossover from PSA).

    I'd stay away.

    Has anyone actually submitted a card to ISA before? I don't think I'd ever do that with an expensive card. I have enough struggles right where I am.
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    You'd probably have as much success getting super powers from a spider bite.
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  • stay away
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    Had a ISA 9 Jordan cross over to a 8.5 suitted raw. With that said I would stay away, I just got lucky.
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