Not Exactly The Chris Sabo Collection But Heres My Jose Canseco Collection

If you've been on these boards within the past few days, theres a sure bet you've already come across that amazing Chris Sabo collection. Well it inspired me to take photos of my Jose Canseco collection and share with you all out there. If not even a fraction of the Sabo collection but Ive gotten back into card collecting about a year and a half ago and I dove head first. Theres no denying that this hobby today is mostly about making money more than the pure enjoyment of just collecting the players you love regardless whether its there valuable rookie card or a card well into the final years of that players career but I still choose to collect my favorite players cards and most anything Canseco related for that matter. I did meet him back in 1989 at the peak of his career and let me say the line was so long, you would of thought Guns N Roses was giving away free autographs that day. I also had the pleasure of speaking to him on the phone quite a few times earlier this year and even had one conversation as long as about 30 min as he even agreed to do a personal signing for the members on this board which I then gathered everyone's cards who wanted to participate and I sent it to him and he came through and signed them and sent them back to us.

So here is my collection strictly for personal enjoyment.


Auto cards



This is a binder of my non doubles. They are currently displayed by year. Evereytime I get about 20-40 non doubles, I arrange and update them - I currently have about 689 of them. The ones in the binder have to be officially licensed cards.




Sealed rack packs with him showing on top. I also had 2 1986 Donruss sealed ones with him showing on top but he opened them up and signed them when all I wanted was for him to sign the wrapper. Ughh lol


Sealed cello's and packs with him showing on top.


All my doubles are then put into a penny sleeve and placed in these boxes. I have a sticker on each box indicating what years each box covers and then add the card in there. The order of the cards in the boxes matches the order of the cards in the binder so everything is easier to locate when needed. Each are are the 900 count boxes. With the penny sleeves, it makes it a little wider which means there's probably about 800-820 in each box.



Sports Illustrated Magazines


8x10's - 6 of them signed



Game used bat signed w/auto ball and a personal check signed from 1989


Phone Bill - Esther was his 1st wife. Fun Fact: Esther and Jose are both from Miami and before Esther met Jose, she worked at a store in Hialeah Fl where my dad was a manager - this was back in the mid 1980's and he ended up firing her. Then when I met him in 1989, my dad took me and just when were about to meet him, he hears a woman call out his name and he looks up and its Esther. Shes now sitting next to Jose Canseco and my dad says "What are you doing here" and she smiles and lifts up her wedding ring finger and smiles and my dad just starts laughing.



Signed cards


Graded and Signed PSA/DNA certified


Jersey/Relic/Bat Cards along with his Minor League card




His 2 only books which changed baseball forever


Unopened Starting Line Up figures. He has more but there are the only 2 I currently have (I'll upgrade to better packages eventually)


Misc Items




Always looking for Jose Canseco cards to add to my PC. Please PM me if you want to get rid of them.

Foo3112's Collection


  • Nice thing to have doubles on a PSA10 donruss rookie
  • Who's sexier... Conseco or Sabo? image
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  • calaban7calaban7 Posts: 2,966 ✭✭✭
    What's your favorite item ?

    Of the Canseco cards , which is considered to be " THE " card ?

    Lastly , any love for his brother Ozzie ?

    None the less , nice collection and many thanks for posting ------ Sonny
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  • Marc - Very nice! That's what the hobby is about - having a passion to collect what you like. I do think you need some representation from Jose's Yankee period though image
  • Stone193Stone193 Posts: 21,340 ✭✭✭
    Hiya Marc

    Geez - that's impressive!

    Are there any really "hard to find" cards/items?

    I have his "Juiced" book - picked it up when released. Did you get him to sign yours?

    I like your "approach" - about collecting what you enjoy - good words!

    63F Set

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  • Are there any cards that have Sabo and Canseco together?

  • Absolutely LOVE IT! incredible Focus!

    the story with your Dad and his ex-wife is awesome!
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  • vladguerrerovladguerrero Posts: 4,083 ✭✭✭
    Awesome, love the packs!
  • Albertdidit - I can thank fellow board member DPECK for that double. He sent me some cards about 4 months ago even mentioning that one may come back a 10 and from the 12 cards he sent me for no reason other than he knew I collected Canseco cards, I ended up submitting 4 of them and 2 came back 10's. One was a 1986 Donruss (which I already had one that I sent in and got a 10 myself just a month earlier, and the other which I didn't have but really wanted was his 1986 Fleer Rookie. So if your reading this David, thanks again.

    llafoe - Sabo can be pretty sexy when those goggles come off. lol

    calaban7 - Whats my favorite item? Hmm, that's a toughie. Let me pick out a few that stand out for me. The GU Bat, The 1991 Elite Card which is PSA/DNA Certified because Ive never seen another one of its kind signed and slabbed (and I personally sent that card to his doorstep and he sent it right back to mine) and the last thing that really sticks out for me is the check just because its a unique item that was signed by his first wife and its from 1989. Dude was the biggest Baseball star on the planet at that time. I do have his brothers auto on 2 things but they just happened to be included with a lot that I purchased about a year ago so I wasn't personally looking for them, they just came included.

    BaltimoreYankee - I have cards from his brief stint with the Yankees in my binder along with a bat card pictured in one of the photos, however - not much stuff from that era seeing how he was only with them for about a year but at least he did get a ring out of it.

    Stone193 - I also picked up his first book back in 2005 right when it came out. I think I read it in like 2 days. My book is unsigned. As far as hard to find items, ehh with Ebay, things have become pretty simple but Id say his later cards and with every company started making refractors and parallel cards in the last of of the 90's, there's just so many variations out there but I usually just wait till I see a huge lot on Ebay and take a gander at the pictures and if it looks like there's quite a few items/cards I don't have, then I usually will purchase but seeing how I have so much of his earlier stuff with the A's, Rangers and Redsox, I'm more interested in cards of his in his later years with the Yankees, Whitesox and Bluejays.

    vettfanatic - No cards exist with Sabo and Canseco together. lol

    ThoseBackPages - That story is completely - 100% true and I even retold it to Jose earlier this year on the phone and he let out this larger than life laugh when he heard it.

    Always looking for Jose Canseco cards to add to my PC. Please PM me if you want to get rid of them.

    Foo3112's Collection
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  • Dpeck100Dpeck100 Posts: 8,980 ✭✭✭
    That is some Jose Canseco collection!!!

    People can say what they want about him but one thing is certain Jose has had the hottest women on earth.

    I was partying in Tampa, FL in 2000 and was in the upstairs part of a nightclub and Jose had a 10 on his arm and every time she went to the restroom he was picking up more chicks. It was pretty awesome. He was kind enough to shake my hand at the bar.

    Jose had some of the largest arms you will ever see. A total monster.

  • Great collection. I love the autos image
  • Dpeck100Dpeck100 Posts: 8,980 ✭✭✭
    Foo after seeing your collection I am even more happy I sent you some cards!

    They belong in the best Jose Canseco collection that exists. There is no topping your collection!!!

    I am not sure if you have given it any thought but I think you should submit your collection to Becket and try and get in as a super collector.

    You definitely qualify!!!

  • Thanks Dpeck ...however, there were 2 guaranteed collections that topped mine. One of them was even mentioned in Becketts super collector article in either the late 90's or the early 2000's. I have that issue somewhere it was REALLY sick. That collector recently sold his entire collection on ebay about 4 months ago and the guy who bought it was breaking it up trying to recoup the his funds (which I was keeping an eye on his sales and it looks like he may have done so to) and so that collection no longer exist but the other collection is actually from another member on here. Hes not an active member but his user name is 1st4040 and this guy is so hardcore that he even has his own website along with a checklist of all the cards he has and still needs and I don't hold a candle to this person.
    Always looking for Jose Canseco cards to add to my PC. Please PM me if you want to get rid of them.

    Foo3112's Collection
  • vladguerrerovladguerrero Posts: 4,083 ✭✭✭

    << <i>How about a Canseco/Sabo t-shirt? >>

    Totally boss
  • Marc ... what an AWESOME collection you have! That is what collecting is all about. You have such a passion and it shows. Wishing you the best of luck in obtaining others that you need.


    It was tough having to sell almost my entire collection of ~1,700 PSA graded cards from the 1910s - 1970's and my ~250 - 300 Graded Packs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. But when your daughter AND your wife are diagnosed with Cancer, sometimes you don't have a choice. One day I'll get some of them back!
  • BPorter26BPorter26 Posts: 3,074 ✭✭✭
    Nice collection!!!! Those 1986 Donruss, Fleer and Topps brings back a lot of memories of my youth. Thanks for sharing.
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  • onefasttalononefasttalon Posts: 1,184 ✭✭✭
    I love it! Nice collection Marc! We need more threads about hardcore player maniacs!
    I know I have some Canseco stuff around here some place... I'll have to see what I have and get with you about it.

    I too am not aware of any Sabo/Canseco cards... but now I'm curious and will have to look.

    I do have this rare bird though... and NOPE, there's no trickery here:


    I bought this from a guy here on the boards a while back... clearly, it's one of those rare Sportflics error with the wrong front & back. It's a Sabo card with a Canseco front and Canseco back. image

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  • ClockworkAngelClockworkAngel Posts: 1,948 ✭✭✭
    I truly mean no offense to this question, but I am curious about what it is about Jose Canseco that made you want to collect him?
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  • estangestang Posts: 1,073 ✭✭✭
    Great collection!
    Enjoy your collection!
  • Clockwork, its cool. I first heard of him back in 1988 (I was 8, I just turned 33 last weekend for those trying to do the math). I went on a week long vacation with my grandparents out of town but still in state and we stopped at some convenience store and while they were picking up some items, I remember being at the magazine stand area and I saw a magazine with Canseco on the cover looking like he just hit a monster home run. It was a Spanish Magazine (Canseco is Cuban and so are my parents - I was born in Miami Fl) and I just related to him I guess. I dunno, It just clicked and I instantly liked him. Then I remember when I got back home, I went through my stack of 88 Donruss that I had and I had and was looking just for this player named Jose Canseco and sure enough, there it was. I had just come across my first Canseco card I ever owned. I didn't even know who he was when I pulled it out of a pack. It was just there, sitting in the stack with my other 88 Donruss cards. From then on, that was my player.

    My friends growing up all knew I loved him. If they had a Canseco card that I didn't own, I knew it was going into my collection because I was even willing to trade cards that were clearly more valuable such as a Griffey or a Thomas just to get their Canseco cards for my PC. I'm one of those people that when I like something, I stick to it. It can be a particular song or a certain band or a sports team or even a player as in this case. I'm not one known to my friends to jump on the band wagon because of popularity (although he was as popular as they got back in the late 80's and early 90's). I still like what I like long after its not the latest thing and everyone else has moved on - I still support the things I enjoy.
    Always looking for Jose Canseco cards to add to my PC. Please PM me if you want to get rid of them.

    Foo3112's Collection
  • grote15grote15 Posts: 24,786 ✭✭✭✭
    Great assortment of Canseco memorabilia you got there, Foo!

    My father bought this piece for me in the mid 90s during the Bash Brothers craze, LOL..It's framed and under glass
    and didn't scan real well, though..


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  • Nathaniel1960Nathaniel1960 Posts: 1,555 ✭✭✭
    My first Baseball Card Magazine is that Feb 87 Baseball Cards Magazine. I still have it. Great article in there about 67 Topps variations if I remember.

    I too have a pretty good Canseco collection; I will scour bargain boxes for him all the time. I am a little worried some of my autos are by Ozzie vs. Jose. Would be interested if someone had a comparison of the two.

    Not really any one reason why I collect him, but I do remember the 40/40 season and reviewing late game box scores to see how close he was getting.
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  • When his donruss rookie came out and he was listed in the Beckett for a couple dollars it was a big deal. everyone had to know..who is this canseco guy? and why is his card already worth a few dollars when he hasnt even played a game yet??? There was already a mystery and interest in him way back then. Made him unique from the start.

    He had to have been one of the 1st rookies if not the 1st to be listed for that much (maybe it was around $3 or something??) that had never played a game in majors yet.
  • The best Canseco RC year card is the 1986 Donruss Highlights White Letter variation. You hardly EVER see that card. Most hardcore Canseco collectors don't even have it.
  • The Canseco 86D RR will always be iconic to me. I remember being 10 and everyone scrambling just to FIND 86D packs in the neighborhood somewhere just to get that card. It was huge in its day, and for that will always hold a special place. Still commands a good bit of coin in PSA 10 to this day I think? That is one thorough JC collection!
  • thekid8thekid8 Posts: 1,450 ✭✭✭
    Got to link one player collector to another
    Great Stuff

    Gary Carter Fans check out

  • That's a great collection!!!

    I loved Canseco as a kid too. He actually joined the 40/40 club in Milwaukee, where I live. Unfortunately I was too young to know anything about it. But after it happened is when I started collecting him. I was 9. I had close to 200 cards of his before I stopped collecting him and didn't really follow him much after he went to the Rangers. I remember getting his Donruss rookie card for Christmas from my parents and it was the greatest thing ever. For me and my friends, that and Griffey's Upper Deck was the Holy Grail at the time. Unfortunately, my house was broke into last year, and both those cards, along with about 8-10 others that I was gonna mail out for grading were stolen (including my Griffey Fleer, Donruss rookie, Boggs topps rookie, Bo Jackson topps traded rookie, McGwire 85 olympic card, Ripken Fleer rookie, Molitor Topps rookie, Yount Topps rookie)

    I recently got a Canseco PSA 9, but there was a lot of sentimental value to the one my dad bought me.

    I have some really goofy bootleg Canseco cards too, from when he was dating Madonna, and some 40/40 club cards. Still haven't gotten his signature though.

    Do you have the Bash Brothers posters? I had one, but it got so beaten up over the years I finally got rid of it. That might be the best poster ever.
  • IronmanfanIronmanfan Posts: 4,778 ✭✭✭
    Here is my favorite Canseco magazine cover (for obvious reasons):


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  • Very nice Foo!!! Really like the Donruss Elite Auto as well. As a fellow 33 year old, you need not explain a passion for collecting him hardcore image The 86 Donruss RR was THE CARD for many years when we were kids.

    I read the Sabo collection thread as well and was blown away. As expected, it gets me thinking about starting a Bo Jackson collection!!

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