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Mystic stamp company

I have been trying to sell my collcetion for a while and I stumbled on these people--I have heard of them.. i contacted them and they sent me a box to put my stamps in--this included a US#1, a one dollar transmissisipi, 1869 issue complet to 15 cents, a baby zep on a flown cover, 5 used sets of panamerican issue, ducks, covers, I had 5 albums full of stuff--I was looking at around 1500 to 2000 for this collection--they offered 600 LOL--what an insult--I told them to ship it back--so skip this company--and if your in the market to get some good us used stuff e mail me or message me here
Retired USAF 1983-2003

looking for fractionals and MPC's


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    I've done business with them in years past. Actually bought a US "collection" from them. I did find that when I reasearched prices a little bit that they were pretty high. I decided at one point to stop puchasing from them and buy from online auctions and smaller dealers. Their service was pretty good, just a little to expensive for me. I still occasionally get mail from them but haven't bought a thing in years.
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